Magic troops worth maxing?

Hi everyone,
so for context, I have 3 sets of mana troops at 29+
I’m debating whether maxing a set of magic troops would make any sense for me…
My take on them is they’re great for newer players wanting to reach those break points faster and at minimal cost.
I don’t have that problem, so the only interest for me would be to charge my defense faster. But I have no clue whether the extra 5% mana actually makes a difference as to how fast a defensive hero will fire…
Has anybody done any testing about that ? Are there any serious research / conclusions available on this topic ?
In which case, thanks for pointing them out to me :slight_smile:
happy gaming folks !

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In the first post there are extensive calculation made by the players. Maybe you find your answer. [Master Discussion] - Magic Troops

thanks Blord

since it’s a long post and I’m a lazy person :slight_smile:
could somebody give me a quick answer to the question : do magic troops make a significant (if any) difference in defense ?

thanks guys !

Magic troops have the same braking points as mana troops with advantage in Mana and Heal, while they are weaker in attack and def. The Max are:

  • Mana-bonus at level 29 is +15% for Mana-troops and 20% for Magic

  • Heal at level 30 is +20% for Mana and 22% for Magic

  • Attack-bonus at Level 27 is +26% for Mana and 22% for Magic

  • Def at Level 28 is +18% for Mana and +16% for Magic

So for healer and speed Magic troops ar much better

In short : Yes for average or slow heroes, you can shave off two tiles with a lvl29 msna troop and additional bonus llike a xcostume bonus and/or a 4% mana talent node.
You need 20% mana generation to fire a slow hero (12tiles) after only ten tiles, that is done using a lvl29 magic troop. To fire sn average (10 tiles) hero after 8 tiles you need additional 30% mana generation. A lvl29 magic troop and any full S1 or Challenge event costume bonus will do, with seasonal costumes its 1% costume bonus and you need a Sorcerer, Monk or Druids 4% mana talent node.

I think for the right heroes its a huge difference. The trade off is less attack bonus.

Happy gaming


ok thanks, do we know after how many tiles a tank (let’s say xnolphod) will fire if he’s equipped with magic troops in comparison to mana ?
I’m talking defensively

That depends on the number of turns.

You get 1 tiles worth of mana per turn and the amount of tiles going in the hero. xnol fires after 8. if you hit him in 2 consecutive turns with 3 tiles he will fire after the two turns. If you hit him with a cascade of seven or more tiles he will fire after one.
In defense its number of tiles plus number of turns = 8 (fast), 10 (average), 12 (slow). The mana boost from troops or buffs only affects the tiles part. If you hit a Xnol with 5 tiles in two turns who has a lvl29 mana troop he will not fire : 2+5x1.15= 7.75 <8.
With a magic troop it is 2+5x1.3 =8.5

He will fire!

Happy gaming


Lazy or not, you’ve got to put some effort in. The search bar is your friend.

Think of all the threads that would have been started if everyone wanted to be spoon fed info.

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It’s been worked out before

So there are a few errors in your example:
Xnolpod is average, meaning he charges in 10 tiles, not 8.
The managain per turn seems to be .8, and does get boosted by manabonus.
The managain per tile is .5 and decreases with more hits during the same turn.

Still, the mana-bonus does apply to this numbers, so the defense heroes will charge a bit faster, but given they are hit with multiple tiles and get that fixed boost per turn, it’s very situational when a larger boost will make a difference and charge a turn sooner.

So let’s take the following scenario: tank xnol gets hit with 3 tiles each turn for 3 turns.

Without bonus he would gain:
.8x3 = 2.4
With some reduction in gain for subsequent hits, 3x0.5 would be about 1.2 tiles worth (.5,.4,.3). For 3 turns is 3.6, or 6 tiles worth.
Now, a lvl29 manatroop will boost this by 1.15, making it 6.75.
A lvl29 magictroop by 1.2, making it 7.2

And add another turn, or 2 (without bonus) tiles:
Manatroop: 9.2
Magic: 9.6
So in this example, troops don’t make a difference. But if I overestimated the reduction, and 3 tiles give 1.3, making it 2.1 a turn:

Base: 2.1 per turn. In 4 turns:
Base 8.4
Mana: 9.66
Magic: 10.08
Now in this scenario, using magic troops will make your average tank fire at turn 4, and not turn 5.


thanks WaVe for sharing the maths, exactly what I expected :slight_smile:
In the meantime I learned that magic troops would make a difference in attack for ninjas : charge one reached in 4 tiles and charge 3 reached in 12 tiles !
All in all, I’ll go ahead and level a set for offense.
Also, you never know what kind of new mana bonus could come down the line, making it so that magic troops enable reaching further break points

I found this from youtube. So I think yes, absolutely.