Is Telluria worth ascending?

So I’ve read a bit here and there about how she was nerfed back in the day, I know gist of the story but never really got into the details as Telly was before my time.

I just pulled her and wanted to know if despite the nerf, she’s still worth ascending? I’ve faced her a few times in tournaments/raids and she can be a pain to deal with (sometimes). She wouldn’t be my next green to ascend but maybe 3rd or 4th in the queue.


While she is still good , she has a common counter in hotm Grimble, C. Gormek etc,… And those who have Skadis, farm Telluria for breakfast.

She is a usefull piece on offense though, where minion counters arent waiting for her and she can go off with 9 matches, mana troop 23.


Adding to what @Cerevan_the_Omni said;

Telluria is still quite useful in offence. Her minions and healing and mana slow are still quite effective.

Where she shines most tho is in Rush Attacks where to can create a lot of minions and mana slow almost instantly.


Telluria’s big problem is that she shines in nothing.

All aspects of her got nerfed too hard she became bad in everything if not the worst:

  • lowest 5* damage to all
  • the lowest hp minions without utility from all 5*
  • lowest healing over time 5*
  • lowest number of turns of mana generation

not worth ascending unless you are very weak in green and got many tonics to spare.

simply put, she got over-nerfed to not worth being an average speed 5*


Like always it depends on what you have, what you can realistically expect to get in the near future (f2p probably not much, c2p if you are super lucky, p2p probably something better) and how many ascension mats you have.

I for example would probably still lvl her if I wouldn’t have her.

My max heroes are the S1 ones, Kingston, bertilla, mageret, atomos, Morgan, Jade and of course telluria.

Telluria still has max emblems and sees the most action beside Kingston. Every war, some tournaments and sometimes for normal pvp.

So she is definitely not the great hero she was, she probably can’t compete with some new heroes, but she is still useful.


I hardly use her anymore for my roster. She only comes out during wars sometimes. With all the new heroes they have released since her, even at her original power she would not crack the current meta

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She would be a decent hero if at least the HOT and minion stats we’re restored to pre Nerf conditions. Then she can function as a basic healer with some added utility, right now she is too poor in any category to make a difference in battles

I’ll add that I choose a 4* over her cause a costume melondor with dispel provides better function than her current state. Can say the same using caedmon in/out of costume, or almur… She really is a filler on a team if you don’t have options.

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I pulled her as well this Atlantis. She’s definitely nowhere near as good as she was before; but I think she’s still useful. Especially since I am ftp, I am very happy to get her and I will ascend her. (unless I miraculously pull Frigg, Kingston, Mother North, Alby… before Telly reaches 3/70)


You would have to be leveling Telluria glacially slow – or get exceptionally lucky in HA10 (if she’s even there) – to pull Mother North before Telluria reaches 3.70!



Haha. I actually think Mother North is in HA10. I saw someone pulled Pengi from it. So I assume other Christmas 5* are available as well.

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You’re right, she is.


No, nope, nadda, no way no how.

Telluria fails at most every aspect of her special and therein lies the problem with her. Let’s look at what she doesn’t do well:

  • As a Healer: Your average Average Speed healer is going to heal for around 40%, lets say an unemblemed/LB’d hero has about 1380 health on average, they are going to be healed for about 550 points. Telluria heals half that amount (274 over 2 turns, 137 per turn) . Even against other Regen healers like Zulag, Telluria fails in that regard as well as they typically regen for 600 or more points.
  • As a Summoner: Currently her minions are too weak to be particularly useful at an Average speed, but that said they are still a better meat shield than an Elemental Link summon…so there is that.
  • As an Attacker: Well, 90% to all is about the same damage wise as 0% to all…coupled with the fact that the minions inherit their attack from her measly attack stat…and well… … … … …

Now you might be thinking, “but yeah she does all those things, she looks like a good jack of all trades”…but you would be wrong. The amount of health healed is too low, the damage dished out a complete joke, and the minions summoned easily wiped out and of little impact offensively. A Jack of all trades is only useful if their abilities are about average or better, not weaker than most.

She does do one good thing and that is slow down the mana gen of the enemy team, never a bad skill to have, so if you really need some mana control help, she wouldn’t hurt to use…but otherwise I hope you find something better to use your hard-earned mats on.


She’s okay, but if she is currently 3rd or 4th in the queue would it be realistic to say that by the time you get to ‘3rd/4th’ in the queue you will have pulled other nature 5*s and she is still 3rd/4th in the queue?

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Zulag is not a good comparison.

  1. she only heals self and nearby

  2. the 612 vs. 274 is further clouded by the time it takes. Zulag is over 4 turns and Telluria is over 2 turns.

Telluria heals all heros for 274 + about a 175 HP minion (depending on her troop and other factors). Zulag heals up to 3 heros for 612. And she does so much more slowly. And while both heals are dispellable, a team is much more likely to be able to dispell Zulag’s because of the longer duration and Telluria’s mana generation debuff.

If heal is dispelled after one turn…
Telluria – about 300hp to all (includes minions)
Zulag – 153 HP to up to 3

After 2 turns…
Telluria – about 450 to all (includes minions)
Zulag – 306 to up to 3

After 3 turns…
Telluria – about 450 to all (includes minions)
Zulag – 459 to up to 3

Even through Telluria did no additional healing, she’s still better than Zulag at this point by healing more heros.

Only after 4 turns does it even become debatable.

All told, I think Telluria is a significantly better healer than Zulag. And I’d take the rest of her skill over Zulag as well…

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I wasn’t comparing Telluria to Zulag as a whole, but okay.

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If you want a healer comparison for telluria I look at the easier to obtain costume 4* of Rigard and Melondor. Both 609 over 3 turns and offer solid utility (defense + dispel OR cleanse + attack). I find them both better if you need a healer…
Telluria can be useful as a mana slower in like rush wars, but you also can’t count on her as the primary healer so you need additional healing support… it really makes it hard to use her offensively on teams when all you really get is a 2 turn mana slow and you don’t want to use with any other HOT type healers to override a better healer with her garbage heal.
She isn’t 100% useless just… I would take a costume melonder over her in like 99% of cases, if you have a Pengi the extra minions are that 1% case where I would change direction.

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I agree with @Guvnor and @Cerevan_the_Omni! Telluria is not the beast she once was prior to the multiple nerfs she received! But, Telluria still has value! I don’t use mine as often as I used too because of newer and stronger Green heros I have pulled since. I do use mine on my war attacking teams when facing teams using Red tanks! Her minions still provide a decent meat-shield on offense. Mine is still emblemed to +18 and I don’t see a reason to strip them.

If you are weak in Green, I would level her and use her until something better comes along (which is not necessarily guaranteed)! Good luck! :wink:


But if Zulag fails in the heal comparison, then how is she even a valid hero to bring up?

There are many HoT heros that I would use ahead of Telluria. My Telluria has been sitting at 3.70 ever since I got her from Tavern…

Zulag isn’t a better healer than Telluria was my only point since she was brought up in that capacity.

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Oh so you want to fisticuff is that it? So be it sir.

and I quote:

  • As a Healer: Your average Average Speed healer is going to heal for around 40%, lets say an unemblemed/LB’d hero has about 1380 health on average, they are going to be healed for about 550 points. Telluria heals half that amount (274 over 2 turns, 137 per turn) . Even against other Regen healers like Zulag, Telluria fails in that regard as well as they typically regen for 600 or more points.

I first began by comparing her to “your average Average Speed healer”, making a clear mention that the total amount of healing that Telluria provides is smaller/lower than what the typical Average Speed healer provides. Then I also mentioned that “even against Regen healers” her heal amount was less than even Zulag’s (Telluria fails in regard to total amount healed) and that the typical amount a Regen healer provides is roughly 600 points.

You then conflated this seemingly simple statement to mean a direct comparison of Telluria as a whole healer in relation to Zulag, and made a long drawn out counter argument to a case that hadn’t even been made. Brava!

Telluria’s ability to heal all is not what was I was discussing in relation to Zulag, I was very clearly stating that Zulag heals more health than Telluria, which is true. Minions by definition are not a heal.

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