Is Telluria worth ascending?

I think I’m making a 2022 resolution to spend less and go very C2P, so it’s possible she might move up the queue if I don’t pull any more greens from here on haha.


Wow, just lol wow…

Except IT’S NOT less than Zulag’s. Including the minion as heal – which it is – Telluria does a bigger overall heal in half the time.

It’s not true.

BEST case, Zulag heals 612 * 3 = 1836

Telluria heals 274 * 5 = 1370 PLUS about 175 * 5 = 875 from the minion for a total effective heal of over 2200. In half the time. With much more guaranteed than Zulag.

You made an incorrect statement. I showed in detail how it was incorrect. And now you are doubling down on it while talking fisticuffs. Just wow.

Minions provide HP. HP is what keeps you alive. Increased HP = healing. Minions are healing.

My first question in response to yours is what alternatives you have.

I have a maxed Telly, I’m proud of her, and I think she’s still a good hero. But that being said, I also haven’t played for real in months. One of Telluria’s greatest strengths is her tremendously high defense & HP, but with how far the power creep has come since then, I no longer have a clear picture of how strong she is in comparison.

Her minions & regen are nice. Minions can protect allies above the HP cap, and they also help keep your wounded alive until the regen finishes its work. Telly’s durable, too. She’s a sturdy semi-healer who doesn’t clock out until after everyone else is in a grave.

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Well ahead of her I would probably ascend Quenell (who I most recently pulled), C. Francine and Garjammal - making her 4th in line. She’s most likely ahead of other greens such as Bertilla, Zocc, G. Charmeleon and Balbar. I already have C. Mother North, C. LoTL and C. Alby fully maxed so I have tanky minion and/or regen greens already. I do have Mr. Pengi who could work well with Telly, but then again I already have other minion makers particularly Motega who can create them at VF speed. For mana control I generally use Ruby and Elizabeth. So I guess when I consider all that, Telly probably doesn’t have a priority place in my roster haha


With those options, yeah, Telly can have the shelf :laughing:

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I have fully levelled telluria, I don’t regret levelling her because there was a time she was awesome and I really enjoyed playing with her. Now she is useful, I still use her in my green mono sometimes. If you have Alby or toxicandra I will level Bertilla before her.

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I’d do Zocc before telluria he is clutch with mindless, especially in rush formats, but I use him all the time… Telluria mostly sits these days.

I have been using 4/1 attack style with costume melondor, garjammal, Zocc, c. Francine, And usually a boldtusk as off healer with that team.

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Well it greatly depends on your rosters needs.
What Telluria has to offer:

  • tanky stats (depending on your current defense if you need a better tank)
  • a minor heal (137hp/round without boni from troops, talents and families/elemental links)
  • Minions/HP-Buff with 128,25 HP (again without any buffs or emblems)
  • Manaslow -24% (or to make it more visible: fast heroes need 8 Tiles to charge after tellu special it goes up to 10,5 so 11 tiles to charge)
  • 10% crit. Chance for all nature allies or if using two 2020 Hotms for all allies

I still did use her on offense with Emblems until the end of last year as a support-healer and cause of her manaslow. On defense though i have way better options. So consider to ask you some questions:

  • Which heroes do i face on pvp/wars?
  • Do i need a tank?
  • Could i make use for manaslow on offense or do i have better options? (Like Hansel, Zocc etc.)
  • Do i have heroes in the pipeline who are more versatile and offer more to my roster?
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It depends a lot on your roster. Do you have Pengi, than Tellurias minons would be crucial. Same wirh Frosth or Noor in VF wars. Relatively mediocre minion spawners could be boosters for Pengi.

Happy gaming

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It depends on nothing , she is total garbage , i hope i never pull her!

I think that is way too big of an overgeneralization. Of course it depends on something, like most heroes. For example, I am a ftp and my roster is very shallow. So depends on my roster, Telluria is still a very good hero to have.

Now, you may have a very deep roster so depends on your situation, Telluria might be total garbage.

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Definitely agree. I tried to use her on offense a few times and she is definitely lackluster. She does too many things and therefore she does very little in everything.

Hence, you cannot treat her as the only healer, because her heal is too weak. Her hit is so weak, that it is almost unnoticeable and the mana slow on offense is not as impactful as in defense.

So, when you take another healer you end up with 2 passive heroes. When you don’t take another healer you got only half a healer.

There was a great solution back in the days, just to keep her abilities as they were but make her slow. This way, we would still have a very good hero, but hampered by her speed.

Unfortunately, we ended up with half a hero.


Lvl her up very very slowly while waiting for much worthy Green Heroes.
She is kinda meh already

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It really depends on your roster. I have her but never use her, but I also have Francine-C, Greg, and Margret all maxed and don’t use them either in Green because of the strenght of my Green heroes.

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I also just got her from a single pull, and I feel very bad for the wasted luck.
I would be truly happy if I got Malicna, or at least not sad and content for getting a(nother) Muggy.


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