Ascend Telluria?

Ok, so she is about to be nerfed, and I have her on 3/70.

Current team, all mid-emblemed 4/80:
Mother North
Costume Liana

I find MN and LOTL work really well together… LOTL, boosting any resurrections MN makes.
Got quite a few reasonably good ones waiting in the wings, also on 4/80:
Sartana, Grazul, Isarnia, Rana, Grimble, Miki, Azlar.

What should I do?

ascned her. she is still one of the best heroes in the game (maybe still the best)…

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Clearly let the telluria feed the fletcher

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If you’re unsure you could just wait a bit until the balance update gets released.


Agree. But if you have a decent tank, you can ascend other top green.

But better to wait for second beta at least.

In my honest opinion, it’s best to wait just a few weeks for V.30 release and then we can see how Telluria is in the game
Good luck


Is your alliance goin to use green tanks in wars?

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You’ve got a lot of really solid heroes that are already levelled, so waiting a week or two until there’s more clarity on the magnitude of Telluria’s nerf won’t hurt you much. I’d definitely do that.

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There really isn’t enough information here to advise you

  1. Do you have any other viable green options, like Kingston, Evelyn? You’re not telling us what other choices you might have

  2. Playstyle. Do you like a longer game or snipers? AOE? Are titans a priority?

  3. As above, do you use green war tanks?

  4. How many tonics do you have?

Personally I think Telluria will remain a premier hero and worth the tonics, but without really understanding your other options and priorities it is difficult to confirm your needs

You may want to wait til post nerf in any case

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F2p response “you ascend her right the f meow”

Unless you have another green hero waiting trying to decide between the 2 then we have that discussion. But if she is your only green then what are you waiting for.

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Wait. Mats are too hard to come by. From beta through release through new beta, nothing SGG has done gives any reason to believe you won’t be wasting your mats. You can afford to wait.

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If you use green war tanks. Still probably the best tank but gap is now closer with Guin, Ursena Kunchen BK.

I don’t use any of the better tanks for my regular defense, I actually prefer for people to raid me so I can reroll to avoid Tell raids.

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Gap isn’t that all that much closer from my experience. Still does more at once than any other tank in the game

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So if Telluria at 3.70 is the only one not maxxed green, I think it is worth to ascend. There are no other option :man_shrugging:

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Maybe your right, we’ll have to see once the rebalance happens.

With all the complaints from people, one thing for sure was that current Tell is so OP lol, even with the nerf, she’s still the top tank.

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  1. I have one unlevelled Liana
  2. Snipers are my strongest heroes, so 3 snipers and two healers. AoE heroes In my roster are less good Imho
  3. I have zero decent tanks… maybe Grazul OR MN at a pinch
  4. Six tonics

Grazul is not great in defense in any positions, maybe flank is ok.
MN is also not so good at tank.

Here is some advice for hero position defense.

5* heroes positioning guide
Just a reference, not excact or absolute, but worth to knowladge.


Thanks for the link Jinbatsu. I have NO tanks to speak of. So I guess Telluria is a no-brainer.

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I’d wait a couple of weeks until Version 30 is released.

Telluria is being nerfed and at this point the extent of the damage is not yet known. In the first beta nerf, it really weakened Telluria a lot, and if that is the final nerf, it may affect your decision. The second beta verson was not as severely nerfed, but it still may affect your decision.

You already have three great greens leveled up to 4/80, so it doesn’t seem all that urgent for you to level up Telluria right now. But if you feel it is urgent, go for it! Just understand you may be disappointed eventually. :scream_cat:

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