Who (whom?) to Ascend

Hello community!

I have been slowly, and I mean slowly, collecting my ascension mats as a C2P. It seems I once had things all figured out, but now with some luck I have some new heros in the mix. So I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on where those mats could best go, and I really appreciate any feedback.

I’m sitting on:
-3/70 Evelyn
-3/70 Kunchen
-3/70 Freya
-brand spanking new 1/1 Telluira

To go with my maxed:
Kage, Inari, Thorne, Kingston (have another one at 3/70 too), Zim, and Santa

I see the minion potential here, and am wondering if I should tuck Evelyn and Kunchen away for now for Telluria and Freya? And any further perspectives :slight_smile: was

Hello,… there.

I agree… new setup is always interesting, but either way is great though.

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Thank you! I like how the new heroes, at least my new heroes, seem to have more synergistic value, makes the game seem fun

In my honest opinion, they are all great heroes, and currently all deserve to be taken to max.
However, I would focus on Telluria and Freya first - 100%.
Good luck

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Thank you, honestly as simple as your reply might sound that is very helpful. And thanks, best of luck to you too!

What do you value in general?
I would go Evelyn and kunchen. Kunchen is a great tank for wars and normal defense. Plus, he is a 5* healer definitely worth a priority.

Evelyn is great against titans and works well with Kingston (she can work at 3.70).

Telluria is a great tank and good in attack.

It is your personal preference at the end

Focus Telluria and Freya!!I have Freya and she is fantastic

Thanks Star. I’m looking at Defense and war primarily. For me, Telly has that heal, mans cut, and minions which could work with Freyas minions, so in a sense there’s a kind of heal, sort of, with the meat shield. So ascending any of them would have to include the other for me; telly goes with Freya, leaving me no purple mats for Kunch, or Kunch and Evelyn go. I always liked the idea of a bonified healer, but even as you ask your question and get me thinking I’m realizing that as for Evelyn I have some decent hitters arleady, and that i think I know where I’m leaning now. Again, thanks, discussion helps me figure things out :slight_smile:

Sweet! I keep trying to find people’s experience with her. I was hoping for Fenrir and was pretty bummed when I got her, but after using her a bit she really grew on me. Do you have her maxed? And is she on flank or wing for you?

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