Telluria still worth it? Or Hatter or Atomos?

I have been holding tonics since they start put nerf in beta, now that they made her weaker, is it still a good idea to give her tonic, other greens also waiting for tonics are, Atomos and Hatter.

I’ve found her easier to beat, although i still generally pass on fighting her, unless she’s not fully levelles. More than ~5 emblems is a hard pass for me, although I don’t have a lot of depth for good stacking.

If you’re looking for a tank or a green tank she’s worth levelling i think, but i think hatter is more fun so that’s who I’d be ascending

I would go Telluria. Even with the recent changes, she is still a great tank and is a great all around hero imo.

She’s still good, still extremely beefy… It’s just that her firing now doesn’t punish you quite so ruthlessly.

Since the update I don’t find her noticeably harder to beat than Kunch, Guin or Ursena - they all punish you when you get a bad board, but they’re all beatable most of the time.

Given that these were some of the best tanks before Telly, it’s good that she doesn’t sit noticeably above or below them (my opinion in general is that HOTM heroes should be slightly behind the best event/S3 heroes in terms of power).


The only thing I would say is she’s less useful in attack than she was… For defence she fills a role well, but defence shouldn’t be a priority in choosing ascensions.


I used my tonics on her 2 days before they nerfed her. I would have gone with hatter if I knew they would nerf her and her minions.

his… scratch that, I refuse to even call Telluria a he… her special is not fearsome anymore. she is, as an alliance mate calls her, a fat cow now. just a fat nuisance with almost 1k def and 1500 hp.
I wish they gave those willing an opportunity to recover food and feeders to put into another hero, I would have maxed out a different green 5*.

Telluria if you need a tank, Atomos if you need a flank to your ice tank, Hatter if you want hero for raids/wars (he’s great against Aegir tanks). It really depends on what you are looking for in your next roster addition. If you share your current set of nature heroes I can provide more opinionated input.

Telluria is still a good tank after nerf because of her stats. For comparison Telly+20 has 991 def vs Guin+20 has 891 def. It’s just she isn’t same on offense as she used to be which is a loss. And she was broken in defense but doesn’t mean she is butter either which you can easily cut through.

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Telluria is still the best, most available war tank in the game. Arguments can be made for Ursena (Dark) but the chances of having close to as many Ursena as Telluria is minimal. As far as the OP, I would pose this question back…Are you in or wanting to be in a top 100-500 alliance? If so, I would have to imagine you are either using green war tanks or considering it. If not, given the choice for an offensive hero, notwithstanding defensive capabilities, I think I still pick Telluria over Hatter or Atomos. However, with offense being the only criteria, I could see myself taking Lianna or Kingston, definitely Evelyn to max before Telluria…


I never really had a problem beating her before but I do agree that if she goes off on a bad board, she Isn’t as punishing. She is usable now on both offense and defense as well. If I max mine before the next Avalon, I will definitely take her and Kingston alongside Regular Rigard, Proteus, and Panther.

These are my green heroes:

My defense team right now is:

I would make a team like this if I choose to go with telly but, I still missing 2 rings for GM and finley has 0 emblem, I am thinking to max Qoh I went with her so far already 19 now I have enough to make her 20 plus Clarissa is pally too… my alliance does use green tank though I really hate to strip all of them off QoH and a Telly without emblem really doesn’t help much…

Yes, Telly is still worth it. If you need a green tank, she is still the best. Decent support hero on offense. If your other choices were 2nd Evelyn or Zeline and you only want attack then those 2 may take priority. But to replace Telly with other average mana green with less utility isn’t the best idea.

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