Is rogue talent tree level 20 critical bonus worth it?

How important is the +4% critical bonus for a rogue 4* for 70 emblems. Is it worth it?

Edit: I probably should have given more details:

No, it could be a must for PvE heroes as Khiona but for PvP it isn’t that useful.

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I stopped Kelile and Peters at +19. Definitely not worth it. Besides, in attack I use crit troops; they are fast mana anyway.

Depends what you hold value to, my view for match 3 games like this is that the tile is king so adding crit to them is key for me. I would spend the emblems personally if it was a high tile dmg rouge.

Being f2p my troops are crit since chances of pulling very fast mana heros are slim. It makes a big difference in both pve and pvp when tiles crit especially if you dont have the luxury of shaving tiles off heros via different mana boosts avenues.


I dunno. If you’ve used 8 of the 20 nodes to boost the rogue’s attack (adding 120-125 points), then you might feel pretty good about layering on another +4% crit to such a monster. Depends on the rogue and depends on your play style, your inventory, and what other 4 heroes you team it up with.

Plus, if you thought the hero was worth 435 emblems to take it to +19…
and now you’re going to cheap out on the last node? Huh. Well sure.

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This helps a lot. I took the mana bonus, but used all the other 7, and jackal is probably my most attack stat hero right now. So, I guess I will do that last node after all.

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I agree with this. Especially because jackal’s attack stat is so high.

My Jackal’s job is to stay alive as long as possible to cast as many -54% DEF Yellow SS’s as possible so that my Yellow stacks can tear apart the opposition. As such my Jackal went full DEF/HP Talent path with the +2% mana in there.

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