Rogue Emblems on Jackal - %hp vs %mana

Don’t know which is more valuable on A very fast hero.

Any advice?

I asked the same question a while ago and got some great answers, but I can’t find the thread :confused: But for me it was relevant that the mana bonus + a lvl 5 mana troop makes a meaningful difference to his speed. Which = “sold” to me, even though I am choosing health/def everwhere else.

If you have a yellow mana troop, you’re eventually going to be able to get them to a level that makes that mana boost irrelevant. If you don’t have a yellow mana troop then it’s already irrelevant.

So, percentage of HP is the pick here, which Jackal desperately needs.


Always try to compensate the weaknesses by embleming to make your hero more allroundish.

To strengthen the strengths is doubled as you can see in this sentence or at least less effective.

not sure I totally agree with olmor here, it really depends on how you plan to use a hero. raising a hero with weak attack wont do much, but continuing to boost their A+ stats in def/hp will make them even stronger. id rather boost A+ to A++ rather than raise their F rank attack to D rank, hehe.

but on the other hand, for wu kong, for example, what i need from him is to survive, so im not bothering with his already sky high attack and instead, pushing up his def so he can survive for just a tad bit longer against titans. same with jackal, he’s simply too weak defensively, so he needs that extra def boost more than a further atk boost. but for most other attackers, ill unhesitatingly go attack

with regards to mana or hp, id go hp since you’ll eventually get that yellow 4* mana troop to boost him to 6 tiles. just a matter of time (although i dont think anybody believes that the odds of pulling a 4* troop is 10%… lol)


I should have been more clear.

I have a yellow mana 4* troop at 11 already. He fires at 6 tiles. I’m wondering if there is enough utility in that mana boost to get him lower/faster still. I doubt it, so leaning heavily toward health as I’ve been defence all the way for him. I have him on my Titan team and on my mono yellow team w Del/Joon/Inari/Drake.

Not gonna get faster. Just go with hp. =)

My thinking is simple:

  • if the hero is there to do damage, pump attack
  • if the hero’s role is to buff/debuff/heal, pump defense/HP

There are some gray-zone heroes, but Jackal seems clearly on the attack path to me.

BUT the OP’s question was about the mana gain vs HP. You cant get a VFast hero down to 5 tiles, and you’ll never put Jackal,on defense, so I’d go with HP here.

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I would actually go +mana personally. The +30hp makes a lot of sense at 1st glance, but being able to use a lvl 5 mana troop on him and moving your higher level mana troop to another yellow seems more valuable to me.


I finally decided to start putting emblems on 4* heroes. Jackal and Falcon are the first choices.

For Jackal: I went with HP, Defense, Defense HP. My thought is that the main reason I’m bringing him along is his elemental defense down. More tile damage would be great, of course, but he is useless if I can’t keep him alive.
Node 7/8: Should I go HP/Attack or mana/defense. My thinking is that durability is 2*defense. So I get more durability off the defense increase than the HP… but then the mana node is kinda worthless… thoughts? I really only use him for titans.

You did answer this, but my concern is that there is more durability going the mana route, thanks to node 8…(30 HP vs 18 defense). That really wasn’t mentioned, so I thought it was worth bringing up.

Mana on Jackal is meaningless. i went the other side of the tree.

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The defense node offers more durability though. It isn’t a huge difference, I suppose the attack increase is better than the small difference in durability. I don’t like the idea of a node not doing anything.

When that node cost 40 emblems, it is even harder to accept.

I’m used to 5*'s, so 40 isn’t too bad :stuck_out_tongue: going pure defense/health on Falcon as well. Gotta keep them alive. Jackal is so fragile, but that attack is amazing. Gonna be over 800 soon and I’m avoiding attack nodes.

i also went other side

i have mine +9…

Mine at +18. Offense all the way.

Do you have trouble keeping him alive on titans?

Gotta keep looking at him but yes he will stay alive.

He will die if you fail to notice the first shot on him. Usually I will start off with axe/harpoon and a turtle banner.

His max attack is nearly 900, definitely amazing.

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