Emblem node 19/20 cost vs reward

So I am finally at the stage where I have a 5star hero at +18 (in my case Richard) and I was wondering about cost vs reward for the last couple of nodes.

Is it worth the cost of emblems to put the extra 2 on, or do you think its be better to spread them onto others? For those costs as an example I could put a number of nodes on Sonya & Falcon to improve depth instead?

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i would go to 20 if he’s on your defense team in tank or flank

if you mainly use him for offense, i would spread the embs to other offense heroes

preferably sonya instead of falcon in my opinion

falcon is good but bit of a 1 trick pony

whereas sonya is more flexible once you get her costume and can either dispel or cleanse whichever the opposing team calls for

also titans cap, wars and raids don’t really so embleming pvp heroes has always made more sense to me than embleming titan heroes


For Richard, the mana node can switch his speed from 10 tiles to 9 tiles (almost equivalent to a fast hero)

2% + a level 17 mana troop’s 11% bonus. I have Thorne who is similar to 19th node. Will not go to 20 since I also have Clarissa needing paladin emblems.


yea i partially agree with this

if i had to choose one to get the next stat boost, mana would be the choice over crit or healing for sure

as far as just choosing mana node to choose mana node though i typically avoid it

i can see it being good for temporary heroes like 4* that aren’t terribly expenisve to emblem or reset

5* I’d suspect longer term use planned and therefore figure the player plans to eventually have a lvl 23 mana troop in that color…but of course without actually knowing the player i could be way off and richard could be a pit stop hero before he pulls somethin better in which case still not sure I’d invest as many emblems as he already has…

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For rush wars I think the mana nodes are a big deal since they let you get to 6 tiles with lesser levelled mana troops.

Not everyone having 5 sets of at least 11 means you can get multiple heroes to firing quicker.

So whilst I wouldn’t do every hero to that level the key ones are big for sure


Thanks guys.

He is my main tank ( moves to flank in VF wars when LotL steps over from her normal flank)

I do have him costume (still awaiting full levelling as despite 20 months in I have still to get a 4* blue troop) so he will get the crit node there.

My full defence team is now reaching this point so it’s one of the areas currently going through my mind…


If you have his costume then you don’t need to do the mana node I think. The 5% bonus from the costume means you only need a level 5 troop


Yeah, and emblems are now relatively easier to get than the resources needed to level up troops.

if you have his costume then YES you must do the mana node. The defense node is a toss up. That little bit may not make a difference on defense or offense. IT MIGHT but the mana node with a costume will. Mana node plus costume +lvl1 mana troop is a mana break so he fires in 9 on offense and 18 on defense vs 10 and 20 respectively.

Some heroes 19 and 20th node just aren’t worth it if you have other heroes needing the emblems for war teams or defense. IT is kind of a personal decision on how you play the game. I stop rangers at 18 usually. barbarians I will go to 18 or 19 depending on costumes and mana speed. clerics at 16 unless its on a defense team or I can mana break it. fighters are 20. Monks are 19 or 20 depending on if I can mana break. Paladins sit at 16 until I can mana break them, then I go to 19.

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Lots of good advice here! I tend to not go 19 and 20 unless it’s someone I’m using forever. Expensive nodes!!

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What about sorcerers and druids? The last node is 4% but 250 emblems

250 emblems for just node 20 could get that last bit of power or take a solid 4* like C. Rigard to node 10.

Unless your roster is so stacked you’re bored, id take my 5* at +19 and 4* at +10 over my 5* at +20. Of course, if you keep your 5* at +18 that gives you a few more nodes on that 4* and you can then max that 4* faster and cheaper and BAM now you’ve built a 4* that’s a pseudo 5*.

Mana node on a costume is only good if it’s the 4% node and because it means a Ninja troop can be used and he still fires in 6.

Since a level 1 mana is all you need for Rush tournies and Costumes its a waste if its a 2% node since 7% still needs a mana troop.

For none costumed heroes a 2% boost is handy because all you need is a lvl 5 mana troop.

And before rush wars I don’t think the mana nodes were all that unless you had lvl 29 mana troops. And I’m 2 years in and the best I have is lvl 17 so getting to 29 is a very big mountain unless you are prepared to throw money at it or concentrate on nothing else…

first off not everyone has ninja troops. most people are more likely to have lvl 1 mana troops. So i completely disagree with your statement that mana bonus with costume is only good for the 4% node.

the 2% node plus costume plus lvl 1 mana troop drops a tile off an average speed hero on offense and 2 on defense so that is important 10 tiles versus 9 can be very important in raids/wars. it also often means the average hero and fast heroes on your team are charged at the same time since you are more likely to get 9 tiles then just 8.

on fast heroes dropping to 7 tiles is not always as useful.

Plus 2% plus a lvl 5 mana troop which is SUPER EASY to level from lvl1 mana breaks very fast it is definitely worth it to do the 2% for very fast wars and tournaments

Oh I know bud, I got lucky and snagged a few from the ETT’s I’d been saving up for 2 months.

Whether you go mana node or not has a lot of factors. Like a Slow hero with mana node, costume bonus and lvl 17 mana troops is big.

But a lot of the time a 2% bonus is not much help.

That was until Rush wars and suddenly it’s really helpful. I have 3-5 mana in each colour but lots either at lvl 5 or lvl 1. In the last Rush wars I was able to juggle what I had and play mono still with at least 3 on each team firing off specials in 6 tiles. Which was game changing for me and I went 11/12 in 1 shots.

So there’s a lot to think about but in my opinion a costume doesn’t benefit from the 2% mana node very often at all. Even in rush wars it was a waste.

But suddenly it makes my Joon with costume interesting as I can use the base version, getting a 9% boost and use the yellow ninja troop I have.

All i have to say is, it depends on your playstyle, and the heroes and troops you have.

For me, i fully emblemed my Mitsuko for her to have the 4% mana bonus so that I can support her with a level 11 mana troop. Doing so, she fills mana in 9 tiles or 3 simple tile matches of red tiles. While my level 25 mana troop will be able to support my Wilbur so that they fire at the same time and my level 6 mana troop supporting my Boldtusk with maxed costume bonus. My immediate plan is for my level 6 mana troop to get to level 11 so it will support my fully emblemed Wilbur and have my level 25 mana troop support my Falcon. I still have a level 2 mana troop to support my BT+19 and all of them will fire in 9 tiles.

I also fully emblemed my Telluria way back in March since that 20th node of defense bonus will help her get a bit more sturdier as a tank, especially when the paladin talent kicks in.

I also have Kageburado and Gravemaker both at +19 and have almost 400 barbarian emblems but instead of placing those 250 emblems on any of them, i rather use them on my Ametrine I am currently leveling.

For mana bonus of 4% (the rest of the classes only provide 2%), only monk and druid classes provide that much bonus on the 20th node. For paladin class heroes serving as tank, that 20th node is a must for such hero to be more effective and efficient on such role. For clerics, i dont think there is much need for the 19th and 20th nodes especially more so on offense.

Again, there is no tailorcut or ideal answer to the OPs question since each of us have different heroes and troops.

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