Is one talent ever worthwhile?

I am thinking for 5* heroes in particular. To give them the small chance of igniting the class special talent.

Fighter is the only one I feel that provides that kind of value. Truly. The rest? not so much.

Just my opinion.


Fighter and Rogue. That’s it

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Firsrly, to the title of whether one emblem is worthwhile, it does not satisfy the need for a 5 star hero to get his or her class talent. You need 65 of them for a 5 star hero. I think you are referring to the class node which is the hero talent.

But the writing is on the wall. The answer is in front of our noses. Check the top players from top alliances. Check those who are in the top 100 consistently. Most, if not all, have high emblems. You don’t see them players have a displayed hero with a +1 as it would always be +15 and above.

Offensively, the first talent node for Rogue and Fighter class heroes may be enough to activate their talent. But it would be so thin. Even those with max emblems, counting on their talent to kick in is like a toss in the air. RNG be RNG.

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I’ve done +1 on a fair number of my classes… Partially to give a CHANCE at triggering the Class Talent but also in part because in those classes I have my “main” hero who has gotten the bulk of the emblems and I plan on spreading future ones out among 2-3 heroes


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Nice. It would be more precise if it was written: Is the FIRST talent ever worthwhile? Just my 2 cents.

Fine then. Changed. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Thank you. +1 is exactly what I meant and I am wanting to strengthen war attacks in particular. As I don’t have loads of heroes I want at +20 I was curious if this would be worthwhile. Will do so and save emblems for future good heroes.
Thanks to all who commented too.

I would add Monk and Cleric to the list, as worthy of consideration.

Agree though, that the chance isn’t very high if we’re only talking about +1. But who knows, you might get lucky.

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I have seen war attack succeed, or fail, by 1 HP.

Since an effectively infinite number of players can attack your war defense team, one of those attacks is likely to succeed, or fail, because of any X*+1 hero.

Welcome to RNG RPG.

Return on Investment - Defense / Defense

However if you are a number cruncher, X*+2 is the better deal with X*+3 being the best deal that does not involve a Talent 2/5 .

For defense triggered talents on defense teams, Centers are best investments, with corners being worst position ( but depending on hero, not worst for attack teams. It gets complex quickly ).

They are not best because of talent use/ synergy, but because they get hit by normal/ matching/ tile damage the most.

Return on Investment - Defense / Attack

For attack triggered talents on defense teams, Corners are best investments, with Centers being worst position ( but depending on hero, not worst for attack teams. It gets complex quickly ).

They are not best because of talent use/ synergy, but because they get the most number of normal/ slash attacks before dying.

Return on Investment - Attack

Healers, and generic/ rainbow defense debuff, are the best use on attack teams.

Unless generic/ rainbow defense debuff is neutralized ( looking at you centers with cleanse ), then attack buff/ mega attack buffs are best on attack teams.



You use your favorite heroes the most.

This is a game.

I strongly recommend making your favorite heroes X*+1 ( see notes ).


Click for notes

They still have a few kinks ( see rant at end ) but emblems were the best change to Empires the Devs ever did that does not focus on the forums.


Emblem kinks



That’s fair. Technically I guess they are all usable but Fighter and Rogue have saved my bacon a few times with just one. I have Colen, Hu Tao and Brynhild with just one.


This is all about usage. Get as many emblems to the field as often as possible, whether that means concentrating them on a core group of a 15-20 heroes or spreading them out widely.

+1 is definitely worthwhile for almost any class as long as the hero sees regular use. Don’t ignore something even as lowly as Barbarian Wound. I have seen that take out a reviving Fighter many many times. I could see a strong argument to put a bunch of Rigards to +1 if you’re seeing Telluria a lot in war (and he is your best / only cleanse option).


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