4/5* Hero Talent - How To Decide Made Simple

Rebel King, Mr BCW and myself (of Crystal Knights) have put together a simplistic view on heroes and their talents for 4 and 5*s.

We wanted to produce a visual that may help you decide in choosing what hero to use emblems on.

Please bear in mind that the 3 of us not only looked at the Hero as a whole, we incorporated the Hero’s skill in making our final decision.

This is only “suggested”, it is not intended as a “we are right and you are wrong” guide. Naturally, it will boil down to your own opinion/preference; hence it is a suggestion.

@Kerridoc @zephyr1 my apologies if this is a duplicate; please feel free to merge/etc.


This looks very interesting. Thank you for sharing it!

Do you have any explanations or discussions on how you arrived at these recommendations? Often times that sort of information is very helpful for people too.


I agree with the list for the most part, nice work!

I think it’s very personal, but I have to wonder about your monk list. I mean, I don’t have Tarlak, he would obviously be the right choice, but I do have Joon. Still chose to give the emblems to Wu though, because he needs to be buffed for higher level titans. So, I really think the titans you are fighting play a big roll in your emblem choices for monk.

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Yes I’m curious why falcon is prioritized over sonya for paladin. Falcon is not good as a defense hero because his impact on the game is negligible whereas sonya is quite good on defense. Given that paladin is a survival ability, I can’t say I understand that part of the graph but the rest looks good at a glance.

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I am using my emblems on falcon, again with higher level titans, it makes a lot of sense to buff falcon. If I had Jackal, I would buff him too


While this chart is helpful in thinking about priority wihin a rarity class, it doesn;t discuss choice between them. I’m going to shamelessly link my ideas about choosing between 4* and 5* heroes: Emblems on 4* rather than 5* - candidates?

My major reservation with any determinstic ordering is that it doesn’t consider how any individual player uses those heroes. In particular, buffing the war defense has a lot of merit—as well as trying to predict what your war defense will be once you’ve buffed a group of heroes. Hence my mullings about Classes and the defense meta .

I also think there’s merit in building a double-rainbow of emblemed heroes and variety in skills. None of your top picks are yellow, only one is purple. Both MN and Alberich are top, but how often will one use both? I haven’t even leveled MN yet, because (a) I have Alberich and (b) I drew Hatter, whomtook priority as my current green project. Kunchen is more likely to get my cleric emblems (TBD).


Interesting work. As mentioned by others, I would enjoy hearing a bit of your rationale for many of the heroes you listed in different places. Here are some specific ones that caught my eye (not necessarily saying I disagree):

  • Caedmon and Triton both getting no emblems.
  • Hu Tao: you suggest giving him Talent Level 1. Does that imply you advocate maxing him? Or is it just because if you have him maxed you may as well go talent 1 because if a fighter revives with full mana and fires that’s valuable.
  • Paladin: I found it interesting that you put the much-maligned Aegir above the emblem line. And Richard below.
  • Sorcerer: this is a class fairly rich in quality heroes, so I’d be curious to hear why you ordered them the way you did. I was a bit surprised to see Quintus below the emblem line, as it seems Delay would make it more likely he can fire his special.

The three of us had a 3hr discussion, the main points for us to come to our conclusions were focussed on if these were the only heroes how would we use them.
We went through each group in classes selecting, 2 of the heroes from that class until we had gone through ALL heroes for that class.

  1. Would we use it in Raids, Wars & Titans?

If yes, then that would go to the top. With the hero we were left with we would move down the list until finished.

Next, we looked at how the Talent would be advantageous (or not, for e.g. Guin) to the Heroes skill.

We also tried to take into account lower levelled players who wouldn’t have HoTMs, etc.

Although some of the 4s/5s are listed under “Suggested Not To Use” doesn’t mean not at all.

Hope that makes sense, it’s 6am here and am not fully caffeinated lol.


Most definitely and that’s why we ensured to include that they are only suggestions.

Any one person who reads it will take into account what they have, etc, etc.

The beauty of this, imo, is to use this as a base and work from there. Discuss with it your alliance where you’ll make your own conclusions.

It’s not the “be all and end all” :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d just like to point out that we created this so a player has a simple of way of looking at what heroes are where etc etc.

It’s not our intention that, “You MUST follow” how we have prioritized certain, or all, heroes.

This was made with 3 different opinions on how we each use our heroes, etc - hence a 3hr discussion.

How YOU decide on where to use your emblems is completely up to you.

At the end of the day there really is no right or wrong answer.

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This is a fantastic way to briefly encapsulate the emblem advice needed for the average user. @Kerridoc’s points are completely valid and need to be taken into account, but obviously there’s no way to properly provide that information in a succinct way similar to image provided.

I really appreciate the concept of the cut-off points where certain 4*s are more for worthwhile emblem usage than 5*s.

To help provide examples why you can’t blindly follow the guide, I have maxed Isarnia, Richard, Grimm & Obakan. Due to having good blue depth, but not great purple depth, Obakan will be getting emblems over Grimm. However, if instead I had Sartana, Obakan, Richard and Grimm, I would follow the guide and give Grimm my emblems over Obakan.

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Why no Emblems on Caedmon?

@Garanwyn we will be creating a.more detailed explanation as to how we came to conclusions for each hero :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the work you put into this, @MrsBCW!
A very good starting point for making decisions - which everyone should base on heroes available in their own roster and their own playing preferences.


Thank you :blush:

20 thank yous

We are in the process of putting together a document explaining the reasoning why we have placed heroes in a particular order.

It won’t be available for another few hours yet.

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We will be creating a list of explanations in regards to why certain hero’s are where they are:)


Agreed that’s why we have separated 4* and 5* it’s a players choice to do either or for the price of two 4* you get one 5* so it all depends what you really are pushing for

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Falcon is widely used on raid stack and almost every green titan if you have him he is a fire modifier to for stronger titans survival is key if he’s paired with Wilbur you could push his attack stats on the tree and if you don’t push him defensively but he is a far better choice then Sonya IMO

Falcon hits like a noodle. His fire debuff is great, but adding a few points to his attack seems like a waste of emblems to me.

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