Is it a good idea to emblem first node for each hero?

I’ve always emblemed the first step in the talent grid when the hero reaches the max level. Because activating the skill class is a good thing and 3*/4* heroes are pretty cheap to emblem. Now I have just maxed Joon, my first 5* hero and a whopping 80 emblems are needed for just the first step. Should I now save the emblems for the future legendaries ? How do you distribute the emblems from now on ?

For me, I only give emblems to 4* and 5* heroes. 4* heroes usually only for the 1st node just to activate their class bonus, but I do fully emblemed some strong 4* like Rigard, Kiril, Sonya, and probably Melendor (still on progress).

Emblems are quite hard to obtain, unless you pay with real money. For 5* heroes, the cost to attach it is riddiculously expensive. There are too many voice in this forum asking to reduce this cost, but hey, more Emblems = more money to be spent, so lets not expect it to change.

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i would say the first node alone isn’t worth it. the % is very low for all classes to be useful.

the first 3 node might be more useful in you case if you like distributing emblems, the small stat boost is nice and costs less than the first node.

i personally wouldn’t spread emblems as much, probably 3 heros at most for my current capacity

I am F2P so don’t come across emblems that often. That being said, I personally

  • leave my 3’s with no emblems
  • give all maxed 4’s at least 1
  • only put emblems on 5’s if they get heavy use. For example, Azlar is maxed but I rarely use him so barbarian emblems have gone to Gormek, Grimm, Gretel and 4’s I use all the time.

This works for me as I still use most of my 4’s. If a 4* doesn’t get used often I don’t add additional emblems even if they’re the only hero in the class left on my roster. While there are some exceptions, I stop most heavy use 4’s at +18 due to emblem cost.

My thought was I don’t get a lot of 5’s as a F2P. A highly emblemed 4 is darn close to a base level 5. I can then turn my most frequently used 4’s into base 5’s without having hard to get 5’s.

That’s what works for me, others this would be ludicrous. You need to try and stick with what works best with your heroes, play style, and financial situation.

Good luck out there!



I say “yes”. But (keyword) only to those i’ll actually KNOW i’ll use. By that I mean, I’ll usually ascend some heroes when I’m low on mats, that I may not use. Those heroes I may not give them too. But also, being a pretty regular/daily player, emblems build up for me at a very decent pace.

As those above, only 4 and 5* should REALLY receive them.

When it comes to five star emblems be choosy, work out your best heroes and team, then concentrate on them. I have done my best teams for war to seven nodes each on the fives so far, just starting to do the net lot as it’s 125 emblems for the next node after that. Some fours are worth all the way and will help you win tournies and events, proteus, Hansel, crigard to name a few, Ive done them to level 18.

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@Wraith brings up a good point as well regarding distribution. While slightly off topic I think it is still somewhat applicable.

The 5’s I have emblemed are all at +7 or less with the exception of 2 heroes. (Those two I have no other viable heroes in that class AND use those heroes often so I kept going.).

I think people over prioritize emblems to their D team for raid defense. The biggest goal of the game is gaining more emblems and AMs to bring up more and better heroes. Your D team doesn’t do this for you once it is strong enough to keep you in the raid arena you want to/your heroes are capable of staying in. Rather than have a full D team +20 with no emblemed depth behind them, you could have 10 or more heroes at +10. This is especially true if your D team has D team-only heroes on it. Having more heroes at +10 gives you better versatility to fight better raids, better titan scores, better war scores, better quest completions with less items needed, etc. all of which WILL get you AMs and more emblems. You can also piece together a plenty adequate D team with those heroes as well.

You can over-distribute them too though. Such as it would be better to have two heroes at +10 than 4 or 5 heroes at say +2. If I have multiple heroes worthy of emblems in a class I pick two and alternate nodes. For example with rogues I went Scarlett +1, then Kelile +1, then Scarlett +2, Kelile +2, so on and so forth.

Anyways, hope that helps even if it is a little off topic to your original point.

Good luck!



I find that to get the most use out of blems, going to T7 minimum is the best balance IMO.

There are many heroes that I use sparingly, usually only in Raid Tourneys so giving them blems doesn’t make sense to me.

Best to concentrate on heroes that have the most utility in your line up.

Setting aside a general emblem philosophy since that changes a lot depending on where you are in the game, I’d say it’s definitely not worth doing one node for every hero you use simply because some of the talents aren’t worth it. While getting a clutch revive, evade, or resist can swing a match, most aren’t that impactful. A tiny chance at the sorcerer, wizard, pali or druid talent isn’t worth much at all to me, and the barbarian talent is even worse. They only hero I have a single talent on is Grazul since her special is so impactful and I happen to have plenty of cleric emblems, but even then it activates so seldomly that it’s hardly ever relevant.

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