Emblems: To share or not to share

With S1 heros now having a superior talent, is it worth maxing out talent emblems on one hero or sharing them between a couple.

After experiencing a couple of wars with that damn evade talent im not sure if its worth maxing out my S1 heros on my top teams, or maybe maxing Team 1 and sharing out the rest between the rest of the teams? Its just using 250 emblems to get to level 20 is a lot :frowning:

Is it also worth maxing out non S1 heros talents?

What have the rest of you guys done?

I have the same problem. I really don’t want to give 250 emblems to any of my 5*…
I desparately need a tome of golden emblems!

It is worth giving them the last node, but not at the expense of resetting valuable 4* or 3* heroes. This is my opinion.

It´s definitely worth it! It has been before and with super talents it is even more so. But as always it depends on what the alternatives are… and some last nodes as well as super talents are better than others…

C2Vivicas super talent is worth selling a kidney for, if it´s some random Ranger it´s maybe worth a cup of coffee…

I use the 20th talent node on all of my 5* heroes where it is the 4% mana node ( Monk, Sorcerer, Druid).

On non S1 heroes, I do not emblem Clerics, Rangers and Roges to +20, they stay on +19. The only exception is Rhys, I brought him to +20 because he is in my war defense, and the healing bonus translates in a better overheal for him.
S1 rogues, fighters and Wizards were always emblemed to +20 for the superior talents.

As a rule of thumb, I try to emblem at least to the mana talent node.

Happy gaming