Increase emblem drops or 1x Free and 1x 75g Tourney or Run five tourneys- 5* to 1*- EVERY week or still bitter about 1*+20 heroes

Increase emblem drops or 1x Free and 1x 75g Tourney or Run five tourneys- 5* to 1*- EVERY week or still bitter about 1*+20 heroes


Tourney matchmaking sucks.

4 defeats and 75 gem continue sucks.

But new rules rocks.

Run five tourneys

Run all five rarities each week, 5* to 1*, but the player can only enter one each week for free.

Preview the special rule, and elemental requirements, for all five tourneys, so players can pick the tourney rarity requirements, elemental requirements and special rules they like.


Fixed Fixed Rotation Fixed Rotation
Legendary no yellow Bloody battle
Epic no purple Magic night
Rare no blue Arrow Barrage
Uncommon no red Rush Attack
Common no green Buff booster

For free a player might enter Rare. Which is no blue, Arrow Barrage this week.

By limiting them to one tourney each week for free, you control the number of emblems players get.

By running 5 rarities each week, your data mining is more accurate.

By running 5 combinations of elemental requirements each week, your data mining is more accurate.

This would let new players, with 3* heroes, always have a tourney they could compete in.

Forcing them to join a 5* tourney, or skip it, sucks.


For 75 gems players can enter a second weekly tourney. Or about 300 gems per month to always join 2 tourneys.

For 75 gems, a player might enter Epic. Which is no purple, rush attack this week.

This will double the amount of emblems a player gets from tourneys. Since they get the same amount from VIP PASS, this is a slight increase.

Awesome suggestion :ok_hand:t4:
Sadly out of votes…


Votes are awesome.

But you can also “like” this reply or Olmor’s.


If you do not like 1* and 2* Tournaments.

You could always vote for this idea.

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Tourney of the week

Checker has a good point.

Designate one rarity as the “Tourney of the week” and offer a completion reward to any account that uses all 25 Tourney energy.

This week, 3*, no red, Buff Booster is the “Tourney of the week”. Using all 25 Tourney energy rewards 1x World Energy flask, 15x Loot tickets, an Epic Hero Token, and a “Tourney of the Week” avatar.

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A million times yes to this idea. I love the three star tourneys and the inclusion of two and 1 stars would be really cool and put my maxed out 1 star healer to use on my alt along with my emblemed Olaf.

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How to further monetize it using a lootbox business plan

Fixed Defeats Daily attacks Daily Free Pass
Legendary 10 defeats 11 daily attacks 3 daily free bypass
Epic 8 defeats 9 daily attacks 2 daily free bypass
Rare 6 defeats 7 daily attacks 2 daily free bypass
Uncommon 4 defeats 5 daily attacks 1 daily free bypass
Common 4 defeats 5 daily attacks 1 daily free bypass

Daily Free Bypass

A daily free bypass awards 80% of the laurels for a full defender team kill, +4 heroes for the Wanted Hero Mission Chest ( 80% of 5 heroes killed), but says BYPASS instead of WIN/ LOSS.

It is not a reroll, but a strategic maneuver. Almost full laurels, 4 hero “kills” and skip this defense? or wait until later in the daily attacks to use you limited bypasses.

Defeats and attacks

By adding more defeats, and attacks, to higher rarity tourneys, you increase the loser prize ( filling Wanted Mission Raid Chest ), allow more experimentation with attack teams, allow more learning time with each set of rules.

It monetizes by encouraging purchasing 5* heroes, 4* ascension items and Hero XP.


This came about partly by asking

“Besides decent loot, what changes could be made to 5* tourneys to get me to compete?”

“How to scale this to make users decide between 1* Tourney and 5* Tourney each week?”

“How can more fun, be added to all tourneys?”

1 or More

I would still like multiple tourneys available per week, but these suggestions could be tested with the current 1 tourney per week format.

What would you think of adding an alliance war twist to this with the multiple simultaneous tournaments? For instance:

  1. Each hero in your roster can only be used in one defense team each week.
  • This seems like it would happen naturally, anyway. If you enter one RT, you’ll have all your heroes to choose from. If you’re paying to enter more than one, you likely have a full team from the maximum allowed level for each RT.
  1. Each hero in your roster can only be used to attack in one tournament difficulty each day.
  • Proteus gets tired fighting so much above sea level. Take him to the 4* RT or the 5* RT, but not both, on any given day.

With the removal of 1* / 2* tournaments

(Raid Tournaments Change: 1-Star and 2-Star Tournaments Removed)

this suggestion is substantial less viable.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Flagged for closure, so users get their votes back.