Due to cost of maxing a 5* talent, is it better to max a 4* team first?

Hey everyone,

Something one of my alliancemates got me thinking. When we start this game it’s far better to get one or two rainbow 4* teams maxed before working on our first 5* team; is it the same way with talents? With the exception of talents that have no decent 4* hero would it be better to focus on maxing one 4* hero in each talent (or at least a rainbow team) before working on our first 5* of each talent? I’ve seriously been debating on giving hansel emblems because I use him all the time, so this is an interesting topic for me.

I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions.


yeah i do *4 for Talent , *5 need too many emblem , also we got reset token as well , could use it in future

Fighter : BT
Rogue : Jackal
Ranger : Triton
Monk : Jackal

others didnt decide yet

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Interesting question! My current plan is to unlock the first talent on all my favorite heroes and then pick one in each class to take further. I currently have 1 5* and 1 4* on the “take as far as I can” list. I will be very interested to hear other answers, and my stratagy may change :slight_smile: But my decisions will always be based on how much I like a hero rather than how many stars it has.


This is going to take time and planning for me. I have heroes at different levels that I am considering as first to upgrade…but the new class system adds an entirely new aspect to team planning and strategy.

I like that it is giving people a reason to look at some of the 3* and 4* heroes they may not have been so thrilled to get from summons or training! That “ho-hum” hero I just pulled may be the exact one in a class I need to complete one of the Trials!

Thank goodness for the reset emblems! I may need some more of those soon! :sweat_smile:


You put jackal in twice :wink:.

I’m really glad they gave us the reset tokens and made them drops (rare as they are) so we can get more. Currently I’m planning to give emblems to gravemaker, lianna, and hansel, because they’re some of my absolute favorites to use. I haven’t made plans for my other emblems.

That’s an interesting strategy to use. I wonder if it’ll help more with wars. These emblems force us to put a lot more thought into our game strategy.


I thought that this was, in fact, the consensus of the community in each of the previous conversations on the topic.

Haha i know right? I’m just so thankful that I have a habit of keeping one of each hero, even when I was never planning to level them.

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I think what I’m going to try first is 1 4* team of five classes and 1 5* team of the other five classes, then alternate for the second set of heroes. Seems like the best compromise to me.

EDIT: To be more specific:

4* Team

  • Proteus (Wizard)
  • Guardian Jackal (Rogue)
  • Grimm (Barbarian)
  • Caedmon (Druid)
  • Boldtusk (Fighter)

5* Team

  • Aeron (Monk)
  • Vivica (Cleric)
  • Richard (Paladin)
  • Gregorion or Evelyn (Ranger)
  • Natalya or Mitsuko (Sorceror)
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I’ve had a fever for the last week and fell woefully behind in my reading. I searched for threads about emblem usage, but only found generic topics about “which one of these two heroes to max” and “what emblems are you getting”. I figured a subject of this potential importance needs its own topic.

If anyone who’s posted in one of those “previous conversations on this topic” sees this thread feel free to just copy/paste your answer from the other thread.

It depends what your team is like and if you have the 5* heroes you would give emblems to maxed. If the latter, I would just give them to the 5s. Also, if you already have a large base of 80s (like 15+ 80s), taking a bunch of 4s and turning them into roughly 80s isn’t necessarily buying you a lot, whereas turning your 80s into 5.5 stars will make a difference.

It’s totally one of those “it depends” answers and is 100% team dependent, how often you pull new heroes dependent, and what you want to focus on (titan, war, etc) dependent.

For example, in barbarian, the best 2 5s to max are limited time heroes (gravemaker and KAgeburo), while the best TC20 hero is probably Azlar. If you’re a f2p or c2p and don’t have the limiteds or azlar, you’re probably better off giving emblems to Grimm or Gormek. Whereas if you’re a top 10 alliance player with 20+ 80s and lots of limited heroes, giving emblems to 4 stars won’t move the needle for you much at all, so even if your 5s are only halfway down the tree (call it 5.5 star), that’s a noticible improvement in your team.


To quote the very first post: “Use your emblems on you first good rainbow 4* 4.70 team. ( not you first rainbow 4* team, see links ).”

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Hahaha I totally missed that one. Thanks I’ll take a look!

I am going to do some 4s first, because I have a bunch of good ones. I have limited 5s (not even one fully maxed rainbow) so improving my 4s would be most efficient.

My current candidates are:

Fighter - BT
Barb - Grimm
Rogue - Jackal
Cleric- Rigard (already love that mana shield)
Monk - Wilbur, though Wu is tempting
Druid - Caedmon :heart:
Paladin - Sonya (I’d rather have a paladin tank, but I don’t have Justice or Richard or any of the fancy options)

These guys are all solid and I foresee them staying useful.

Then come the mishmash of mismatches…

Ranger - Current options are Buddy and Tibby. I will probably just save them for Greg
Wizard- Between Kiril and Kashhrek it’s a no, nope. Save for something else.
Sorcerer - Between Sabina, Skittles, and unleveled Ameonna, it’s definitely not skittles. Most likely save.

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I read that thread now and it’s given me a lot to think about. I’m not sure I want to give up maxing lianna and GM yet, since I use them 90% of the time including on defense, but I’ve seen a few more opinions on the matter and some useful but headache-inducing math. I’ve already gotten hansel to +2 so that’s exciting :grin:. Tibbs and especially triton are just not very tempting vs lianna, even if she is a little slower.

Like I said; a lot to think about :wink:. Thanks again for ahowing it to me!

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For some heroes yes, and for some no. It’s not an all or nothing proposition. I think for defense teams, titan teams, and event teams, the most used heroes should get the emblems regardless of 4 or 5 star. If a hero is niche and not on a defense team, then I’d default to a more used 4 star that you use a lot in wars.


I agree with this. Also, if your best hero in a given class is weak, I would wait, rather than feed it emblems just to use them. You may get a better hero in that class, or you may be able to convert them to a class you need (there’s been speculation that this feature will be added, possibly via one of the new buildings - Alchemy Lab would make sense).

Even if that costs some percentage of the emblems, that may be a more sound strategy for your situation.


I hope the alchemy lab doesn’t change classes. That would ruin what SGG has set up with the class quests. Dual class might be interesting though. Run a +20 hero through the alchemy lab and give it the talent belonging to a different class. Maybe talent of both classes, and eligibility for class quests. Need that fourth stage of class quests to make use of it though, :wink:

If they were to allow dual-classing, wouldn’t it make more sense for the Hero Academy, rather than the Alchemy Lab?

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Ill be saving the emblems for my 5*. Have alot of 4*, but a dabble of 2 5* followed by 3 4* seems to make the teams i choose balance well.

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