Is Elena worthy of spending mystic rings?

Hello everyone!
I’ve got 6 mystic rings and I have Elena on 3rd tier ready to ascend to 4th. Is she worthy of ascension?

She has a very low defense which makes it too much fragile to use her in raid defenses or attacks, especially when she has a slow mana generation. It makes me hesitant to spend mystic rings on her.

But on the other hand, she has a very high attack and a reflecting special skill wich makes her a good option for map stages, events, and titans. But the problem is that I don’t know if she can endure in map or event battles to the end.

I should mention that I have Elena Costume too.

The other red hero I have is Marjana who is fully ascended and on her 7th talent node.

If anybody has the experience of using Elena fully ascended, I would be grateful if you share your experiences or ideas here. :+1:

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Elena combinate with buldtusk and wilbur is a chaos!!!


Good to hear that! I have Bold Tusk! :smiley:

Can I use her in raids too? I guess since she is slow and has low defense, she’ll die before she fires her special :thinking:

Booster + Buffer + killer = chaos


The costume here really helps - it doesn’t take much of a mana troop to trip over to effectively average… And stats with costume bonus are noticeably higher too.

Honestly, IMHO, the question is whether you have a use for her (you do) and whether you’re likely to get something better anytime soon… Only you know how much you pull and where you’re planning to do so (if you are) so only you can know how likely you are to get something more interesting.

Ultimately, playing with what you’ve got will get you further than sitting back waiting for ages (if F2P).


You’re absolutely right. But some bad experiences sometimes makes us hesitate. For example, I got Elkanen as my first 5* green hero (which definitely is not a good one). It took like forever to get any other green 5* hero. So I fully ascended him. Then shortly after that, I got Mother North and Kingston. It took me several months to acquire 6 tonics again. I used them to ascend Mother North, but Kingston is still waiting for tonics and I have none. It’s going to take very a long time to get 6 tonics again.
That’s why I’m really careful about spending 4* ascension items :sweat_smile:

I use Elena for just about everything. I’ve finished all events, challenges, Atlantis, Valhalla (so far), etc. and I raid with about 85-90% success in low diamond. She’s also my raid defense tank (until I get 1 more tonic for Telluria).

The key is protecting her so she can unleash tile and riptoste damage. The team I use to attack is Mother North +4, Wilbur +18, Elena +7, C. Rigard +18, Proteus +18.

I’m approaching the level in the game where I will move on from Elena, but she has been key for me, helping me complete all challenges and boards (w/o items) and raid in diamond, even winning 35 raids in a row in high platinum/low diamond in early April.

If you are struggling with challenges or season levels, I’d highly recommend. She’s also a beast in fast and bloody raid tournaments.

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Who do you see moving on to? I’m similar in that I’ve used Elena for everything, and just got her costume, which by increasing the riposte percentage, dropping her armor and raising her health makes her that much better. I’m going to start giving her emblems shortly.


If you don’t do a lot of pulls, then elena is a good choice. Is she the second best 5* red? … not even close. But she’s the second 5* red that you have… which is obviously worth more than the ones that you don’t have.

I have her maxed and while I don’t use her for war, I don’t regret maxing her.

She’s got great attack stats and will be useful on titans… and definitely the very fast raid tournaments. I actually used her in the costume quest too.


I wish I had her costume. That’s a nice pull for you.

As for moving on, I have Tyr and Misandra (my only ascended blue 5*) both ready for more fighter emblems. And I just ascended Sif and have almost 600 rogue emblems ready for her.

I also will have Jabberwock and Telluria maxed soon. I’m hoping I can put together a team or multiple teams that will be as effective as the team I mentioned in my previous post…


Often times elena become my lifesaver. Search my youtube, elena is my default offense team

I emblemd elena and she helps me thru many difficult raids and hard maps

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Thanks everyone for sharing your valuable experiences about using Elena here :+1: It definitely gives me a good insight about her features!

huh, we have a very similar situation. Marjana was my first Red 5* (and mine is also +7!), and Elena my second.

I did not hesitate to max Elena, she is amazing and has replaced Marjana on my Titan attack team. Where Marjana is more durable, Elena is all-out-attack. I now prefer Elena on Titans and the World Map and Quests (where I can use items to keep her alive more easily), while Marjana is still my defensive Red. I use both together for Raids.

For Map or Event battles: just bring healers and some items (mana potions for healers, healing potions, maybe some turtle banners). She’s sturdy enough, and that Fighter skill helps too. Her high damage + riposte make her very valuable for clearing the mob stages before the boss, and the riposte helps a lot against the bosses.

Can’t wait to emblem her, she’s now at 4/70 :slight_smile: last few levels…


Slightly different question…I have Elena, PiB and Azlar all at 1.1(ish), JF at 3.7. I’m leaning towards levelling up PiB first, just because I love minions (I have Tel, Freya, Inari)…am I mad?

I held of on elena as was doing pulls to try get jf and did but still have 6 rings left over plus she a fighter and I wouldnt of emblemed her as Kingston or poseidon took proity.

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Really, nobody is worth ascending now. If SG will nerf and toss emblems that are useless on unmaxed heroes to compensate for wasted ascension mats, every ascension is a gamble. And this one is not the RNG screwing you but developers reacting to player complaining.

Elena was my first maxed 5. Now I use a much faster red mono team and she only sees use on green titans.

Like others have said, the best way to use her is to put her through what I call the red buff chamber, that is Boldtusk into Wilbur into G. Falcon into Elena. You can wipe out an entire team this way and there’s few things in my E&P playing experience that have been more satisfying.

The problem is in Diamond class, the meta is way too fast to rely on this. But the power of that buffed-up red stack can help get you into Diamond if you’re working your way up.

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I won’t say whether you should or shouldn’t use rings on her but I will say that a week ago, I faced a team in war that had an +18 emblemed C. Elena with 915 attack and 1718 HP. With troops, her attack was well over 1k. I think C. Isarnia has the highest possible attack in game and C. Elena is like top 3 highest attack or something.


Actually, I am playing in diamond arena around 80% of the time. The number of my trophies is often in the range of 2350-2600. So I guess I have no use for Elena in raids attacks/defenses. I’m mostly interested in using her in event and map battles or maybe titans because of her great tile damage :thinking:

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