Elena worth rings?

Read quite a lot about her on here it’s a mixed reaction! Iv got her at 3/70 debating giving her rings (I have 10)
I do like riposte as it can be a pain.
My reds bt+7 falcon+11 Colen+7 sumitomo. Kelile 3/60 gormek 3/60
probably going to do a few pulls at the next Atlantis maybe 30 spread out with coins and gems. So a slim chance of Hotm or any other pulls that include them.
I got another falcon so thinking I’ll take him to 3/60 aswell. Whilst I wait for something else or pull the trigger on Elena?

I am in a very similar situation. I have one 5* maxed (Marjana) with Elena at 3-70, Khagan at 3-70, and Azlar approaching 3-70. Who do I work on next?

Elena will not make my defense team. She would be mainly for offense in wars, maybe 3rd choice on 3-2 red raid stack (currently Marj / Gormek / BT).

Khagan I have no idea what to do with him. Maybe a good costume?

Azlar MAYBE will make my defense on flank. I am just starting to work out how to effectively use AoE heroes for offense.

So, when I get the six rings who gets them? Rings are the rarest of the five 4* mats for me.

The Guardians are avoiding me like the plague (except the Bat). HOTM’s will not be an issue for months now unless I fluke out one in Atlantis or Costume.

What to do, what to do …

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She is worth rings but if you’re doing pulls in February you should definitely wait to see if you get Jean first. Definitely wait, but otherwise Elena attack stat is good for titans and she’s good pvp.

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Elena has been most useful to me in areas of the game that allow the use of items to keep her mana and health up: titans, map, and events. She can turn hard-hitting enemy slashes and specials into heavy counter damage even if the enemies have high defense, which is particularly good for completing more difficult stages in challenge events and Atlantis hard mode. Using her in raids is tricky with the combination of low defense and slow mana, but even while dead her high tile damage helps.

I’d say Elena is worth the rings.


I’d wait. I have her maxed and she’s benched for wars. Her attack stats are solid for titans but so dang squishy… and you already have a slow hero in Colen… not sure where you’re at in the game but Scarlett and Marjana would be two S1 reds that I’d def max before Elena.

If you’re going to pull next Atlantis, I’d wait on gormek in the hopes that you’ll get wilbur.


I use Elena more often than Azlar and Marjana in offense. Together with Wilbur she is devastating. In some raids, if enemy doesn’t have cleanser, Azlar is preferable.

I got her maxed plus emblemed +10. I love to use her everywhere pvp, maps, etc. She is useful to kill strong enemies. Emblemed her on defense makes her sturdier.
Once she cast her specials, though it is bit slow, she is deadly

Both azlar and Elena have solid attack stats… if I had to choose, I think I’d go azlar over Elena. He’s a killer in the very fast raidTs. Probably more dispellers than cleansers too… from an opponent’s point of view. (That’s being said without too much thought… could be wrong)

I was kind of leaning more towards him. Thanks for the input.

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I doubt she get emblems as got Kingston and pois that I’m levelling too :woman_shrugging:

Thanks Wilbur escapes me every Atlantis. Got people in my tc20 that I ain’t opened in a month as could cause chaos if I did! I lack red n yellow the rest I’m fine!

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Think of all the fun presents that could be waiting for you!!

Thinking more the blue and green and purple that’s gonna come and take up my rosta space! :wink: If there decent and wanna keep them!

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I have a bit of a surplus in TC20 waiting on Paths of Valor.

Maybe 10 Renfelds :rofl:

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Lucky. Lol


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Well, truth to tell I do seem more likely to get Priscas than Renfelds. Also Friar Tucks. :rofl:

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I have Elena and Queen of Hearts at 3.70. Which should be ascended first, IF I get JF in February? My only maxed red 5* is Anzogh.

4*s maxed are Colen, Boldtusk, Scarlett, and Wilbur. Guardian Falcon is almost done. Gormek, Kelile, Sumitomo and Sir Lancelot are all at 3.60.

Looking for my next red project once Falcon is done.

In combination with Wilbur, Azlar is the better choice as Wilbur’s Spirit Link (and also his def up) greatly reduces the effectiveness of Elena’s riposte.

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Elena can be pretty devastating, too. If the defender has many AoE attackers, Elena’s riposte deals huge damage to them when they go off, often enough to immediately kill them.

I agree. Just think it’s easier to bring a dispeller than a cleanse most of the time.

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