Need help. Which hero should I choose as my Tank? How should be my defense team?

Hi everyone! I wish you all having a good time!

It’s been a while that I’m scratching my head to find the best lineup for my defense team. Recently, I’ve got Azlar and I have 7 mystic rings. But I also have Elena and her costume on 3x70. Before pulling Azlar I was almost certain to give the rings to Elena but now I’m not quite sure.

I have one other problem with these two red heroes: Emblems. Azlar could make a good tank for me but he is a barbarian and in the same class with my Kageburado+7. Elena is a fighter. I have Boldtusk+20 and I’m ok to reset his fighter emblems for Elena but I also have Kingston 3x70 (another fighter) waiting for tonics. Elena costume is a rogue but I have a good rogue too, Marjana+7. I think Kage, Kingston, and Marjana are so great that it wouldn’t be a good idea to give their emblems to Elena and Azlar.

My current defense team is like this:
Mother North+11 _ Marjana+7 _ Thorne +7 _ Kageburado+7 _ Leonidas+2

Currently, I’m working on leveling up my Clarissa and she is at 4x50. When I max her out, I’m probably going to reset Thorne emblems and give them to her. In that case, she is going to have a place in my defense team, probably a flank; but I’m also thinking about putting her in the tank position at center too.

Here is the current list of my 5* heroes:
Mother North+11, Kageburado+7, Marjana+7, Thorne+7, Leonidas+2, Elkanen 4x80, Clarissa 4x50, Kingston 3x70, Elena (with costume) 3x70, Boss Wolf 2x14, Azlar 1x1, Joon 1x1

I have these 4* ascension items:
7 mystic rings, 5 telescopes, 4 darts, 1 tonic, 4 tome of tactics, and 5 damascus blades

I’m probably not going to summon heroes in the near future except for my current summon coins which gives me 5 Atlantis and 2 Valhalla summons. It would be perfect if I could pull something great (like Heimdall) by this number of summons but I don’t see that happening.

I would be really grateful if you give me your ideas and suggestions about how to choose my tank and arrange my defense team. That would be a great help to me.

Costume bonus is significant…

Even without putting emblems on, a maxed costume bonus on Elena will give her higher skills than a maxed one without (one of the advantages of having emblems on a hero).

Or in other words, costume bonus makes a hero partly emblemed without emblems - they do more at +0 with it than without.

Sure, a +0 with costume bonus doesn’t get it’s class ability (revive, for Elena) but it does get faster mana regen - when it comes to slows, it takes much less of a mana troop to flip into average.

So assuming you’d give emblems to Kingston instead… Costume bonus makes a big difference!

Both Azlar and Elena without costumes suffer from the same afflictions… They’re slow and they have very low defence stats at +0.

Without emblems, this combination of slow mana and low defence means they won’t always fire once in a battle.

Elena with her costume bonus and a mana troop is going to tip over into average AND that costume bonus is going to improve her defence too - whether you use the costume or regular version, you’ll get her to fire more often.

Azlar is more devastating, but without the costume and without emblems available, there’s a lot more potential for him to drop without firing (in attack or defence).


I’m not the biggest fan of either - all else equal (both with or without costumes, both with or without potential for emblems) I’d lean towards Azlar… But in this case, the costume swings it comfortably to Elena IMHO.

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My suggestion for your defense: replace Thorne as fast as you can, emblem Clarissa.

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Re: Defence

What cups does your current defence team hold for you?
Do you regularly open the chest in diamond already?

If yes, don’t worry too much about it…

Kingston is better than leo once maxed and Clarissa (missed that bit!) is going to tank better than Thorne (this does mean Kage is out).

All done… I’d probably go:
MoNo - Marj - Clarissa - Leo - Kingston.

It’s missing blue but Clarissa is going to take your emblems off Thorne either way.

But defence should never be the absolute priority.


Thank you for your reasonable comparison between my costumed Elena and Azlar. You’re right, costume is going to make a significant difference :+1:

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Thanks for the suggestions :+1:You think I should still hold Thorne in my defense team after reseting his emblems? Actually that worths thinking, because that would be the only way of having a rainbow defense team :thinking:

At the moment I have 2561 cups and the number of my trophies is usually in the range of 2350-2600. I open the hero chest in diamond arena about 90% of the time. Actually, raiding in diamond arena makes me more sensitive about my defense team.

And about Leo, isn’t it better to replace him with Joon when I max him out. Since they are both monks, I can easily give Leo emblems to Joon.

It depends…

Generally yes Joon is a far better hero… But he’s also squishier (even with costume bonus).
Personally I’d emblem Joon for attacking reasons - but defensively Joon is a wing, where Leo can be flank.

With a dark tank you ideally want a holy flank (plus MoNo and Kingston are both top class wings and if you’re doubling the colour it’d want to be as far away from each other as possible), so Leo is preferable on defence if Clarissa is going to be your tank.

TBH if you’re opening chests in diamond that’s the main thing - unless you’re a liability to your alliance in wars, there’s no need to really focus too hard on it.

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That makes sense :+1: with the self-healing capability, Leo seems more defensive than Joon

Not just that, his defence stat is much higher… Joon has more HP, but defence stat is more significant.

Joon is the better hero, but in defence he needs to be on the wing.

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Yes, you’re absolutely right

The problem with having 2 greens on your defense and no blue opens the door to stacking red against it. An attacker can burn the greens without a blue hero to absorb those red tiles hitting your defense.


In fact, one of the reasons I hesitate to remove Thorne from my defense team is that he is the only 5* blue hero I have. He is not good but without him I have to give up on my rainbow defense team.

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Thorne can stay until you will get a better blue hero :slight_smile:


I agree with this advice, specifically about not focusing too much on defense. No matter what heroes you have, your defense is going to lose. And while you do want, as @BubblesUK says, to stay in the diamond arena, losing a few defenses is not the end of the world. I only initiate raids to fill the heroes chest. I prefer to fill it by fighting in tournaments, so to the extent that I need to win a few more raids, I revenge the folks who have beaten me over night.

On the other hand, prioritizing heroes who shine on offense pays dividends in raids and especially in wars. Granted, your alliance mates what you to have a decent defense team, but they will also be pleased when you one-shot a stronger team.


Thank you guys for your generous and valuable pieces of advice :+1:

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