Is Colen that bad?

I have Wilbur and Sumitomo both maxed. I pulled Colen from the Elemental Summon and was wondering whether to level him up or not as a third red. In raids I have lost badly to teams having Colen in the center and I always thought he was a good one to have, but I’m seeing in the forum people talk bad about him and his slow mana.
Now I would probably use him as a 2nd or 3rd red hero against green titans since his tile damage is higher than either Wilbur’s or Sumitomo’s, and I wouldn’t care so much about his special.
Has anyone used Colen against titans? How is his performance? My alliance is currently fighting 6*-7* titans.


Best hitting red 4*.
Wonderful to stack him with the fish guy and a fast red like Scarlet.


I really like Colen but have to admit that I struggle to use him in diamond or against a titan unless he’s third red after Boldtusk and Scarlett.

He’s great for damage, but pretty soft so doesn’t always make it. I don’t know if I’d give him emblems to toughen him up…?

I have all the mats ready for a 5* red and assume that he’ll just slide further down the line when Azlar or marjsna, or even khagan finally arrive


Colen can deliver more damage in a raid, quest, or event than any other 4*. The challenge is keeping him alive.

He’s especially good in hard quests or challenges, where you can bring mana potions.


Colen > Sumitomo…


Hope @Ian487 doesnt see this thread. Ops now he will see it for sure :joy:


I always feared Colen in Raids when I was at Gold/Platinum. Never thought he was bad…


I like Colen. Great for an event red stack, and his tiles are useful against titans. I used him there with BT Gormek Scarlett Wu until I got Azlar up. But to this day I still use Colen on one of my favorite war teams as well…


He’s good in raids if you back him up with another slow heavy hitter… increases the odds one will fire w/ damage bonus

He seems to charge faster and blow away 4… leaving one maimed to tell the tale…

I put him, Azlar and Isarnia up with 2 fast hitters and didn’t get raided for a few days :slight_smile:

I will say he’s gotten a lot less scary with Onatel or QoH


It depends where you are in the game but even as an endgame, it’s good to have a max Colen for events in a mono red team for epic category. I don’t use him against green titans as boldtusk, Wilbur and falcon are obvious staples along with Wu kong, and then I use Scarlett because her tile damage is amazing; additionally she’s fast mana and reduces opponents attack. I use Scarlett against green titans even though I have a max Marjana because her damage is just much better. But Colen is great for war and events to me. In low platinum Colen is a decent defender as people might not be able to kill him before he fires and he’s definitely devastating if he gets to fire. He’s one of those heroes who is very good when things can go your way, he’s a game ender. But because of how strong his offense is, they balance him by making him less durable.


problem is I don’t have Scarlet or Boldtusk. this game can be such a pain…

Ok but what I’m saying is go ahead and max Colen, he’s good lol


Doesn’t seem to be the best pick for titans (which is my biggest pleasure in the game)… but at least his tile damage is better than Sumitomo’s.

Or level him up to 3-60 and see if a scarlett or Boldtusk finds you in the meantime. Boldtusk still eludes me but tc20 gave me azlar I’m currently leveling. Good luck


I love Colen. A little squishy but hits hard and AoE has won me plenty of raids. I ascended him and pair him with BT right now. Working on Wilbur and Scarlett. Still, he and BT are a great hammer. I’m low platinum and even on raid D I’ll win 1/3 of them against TP3500+ (I’m around 3350).


He is not bad at all. He’s won me so many raids… his mana is slow but when he fires is devasting


I love Colen so much I gave him a lot of emblems. :smile:



Colen is currently my highest-power Red hero, as I haven’t managed to pull any 5* Red yet. I have him at 4-70+15, the highest I plan to go is +18 though… mana boost at +19 isn’t worth it to me to drop him from 12 tiles to 11, and +20 isn’t worth 70 emblems to me for another +28 attack.

I bumped up his attack at every opportunity, with defense being second priority (if I had to choose between Attack+Def or Attack+HP), and he’s at 788 Attack, 589 Def, 1198 HP.

I make good use of him thanks to having Kunchen; if I can keep Colen alive long enough to drop the big -DEF from Kunchen and then light them on fire, it’s really cool. I find myself hoping for Azlar out of TC20 to get an upgrade someday. :smiley:

Also, this is kind of a niche factor, but… 4* Rush Attack tournaments, anyone? Taking Colen’s big fire attack and making it Very Fast is a little scary. :wink:

EDIT: Quick note on usage: I often 3-stack Red with Colen, Scarlett, Boldtusk, and it makes for some pretty strong attacks. Depending on the other colors I bring, I might end up with a Grimm who hits hard and reduces enemy defense before Colen fires, and it’s glorious.

Good gaming!


Colen was always a must have for defense team when you start. So he is not bad at all. Also after the raid event started and you can get him fast, he is still a very useful hero. For sure once you got a bunch of 5 star heroes, Colen is not a problem any more…


I used him a lot in wars with Wu, paired with 2 healers and a sniper (Scarlett). If he survived, the battle was alomost always a win when he fired. Now, when all teams are 4100+, he is benched for good - unfortunately.
He still is good at very fast 4* limited tournaments and for events.


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