Ascend Colen

Is it worth it to ascend Colen? Or is it better to save fighter badges for another hero?

Really depends on your hero roster. Please post a screenshot of all your heroes and you’ll get a ton of informed opinions of players here.

Lots of discussion about Colen here.

Personally, I like him but the red 4* set are some of the best S1 heroes.

So, his damage is great, but he’s less useful than all the others overall, unfortunately.

But you’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt and if other reds are hard to come by, go for it and flame grill everyone in your path.


Depends on what you have already. I ascended him very late when i had multiple 5* teams already and only used him on tournaments. For that he is good, on very fast tournaments he is very very good, especially with Wilbur. But for general use i would not level him.

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For clarification you mention ascension and badges, but they aren’t related.

So you may mean is it worth embleming Colen?

I agree with the assessment of Colen from @JonahTheBard. If you have already invested a lot of materials in him, it’s worth leveling him up. He can be useful as support when stacking reds in war and he would be a good tank in a four-star Rush Tournament. If he’s at 1.1, then @Ultra is right, we need to see the rest of your roster.

I probably would not give him emblems. There are better fighters, for sure, e.g., Boldtusk.

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Right. I would like to know if Colen is worth embleming or saving the symbols for another 5 * hero (which I don’t have).

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I only have one more hero of 5 *. Colen is only my third strongest hero at the moment. Strong heroes, I have Boril, Cadiman, Domitia and Liu xi, the others are 3 *.

Open the first node if you want the chance of him reviving .
But i wouldnt spend emblems on him , in fact i have him but i havent invested on embleming him. Instead i emblemed my c.boldtusk . Personally i consider him a better bet for emblems. Wait for Boldtusk if you dont want to invest resources to later regreting.
(emblems, food / gems or reset token)

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