Colen and Sumle, I wonder

I will finish Colen to max. But I wonder who is better for red mono team or rainbow?

Honestly I don’t like Sumle 80% accuracy but I need advice from players who compare tham.

I use Sumle a lot. I cant think of any time his miss has cost me anything.

If just using one I would rank as:

Costume Colen

I think if playing mono in 4* tourney/ events I would use both along with boldtusk, falcon and wilbur.


I also have cColen and Sumle. I chose cColen to upgrade.

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I agree with Kilt. Adding to that it also depends on your red stack, with Sumle complementing BT and Wilbur perfectly. Rainbow, either works…both are slow reds with a lot of damage they give off. If the opposing team has a dispeller, Sumle is better.


I’ve got both of them but I didn’t have the chance to max them yet. If I had to choose, I’d go for Coleen’s costume first.

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Bt wilbur falcon and colen is a good mix

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Tbh I have both maxed for ages and never used them. I’ll keep following the threads for maybe catching some ideas ^^"

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The idea is for either Colen (costume equipped or unequipped or lacking) or Sumle, or both, to be accompanied by Boldtusk, Wilbur and Falcon. In any 4*raid tourney modifier, if you happen to charge their specials, the battle is already finished quick.

I have 2 Sumles maxed and 1 Colen maxed. Will be working on the latter’s costume after I get Carol to max which is already on her 4th tier of ascension.

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Thank you guys for good advices.
Unfortunately I don’t have heroes you mentioned.
This is my red ones.

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