Would you focus on Wilbur or Sumitomo/Colen

I have no 5* fire heroes in my roster and have no 4* hitting fire heroes leveled up to viable place.
I have noticed this causing some issues lately when color stacking a lot of fires would be desirable since the fire 3* heroes are just no longer cutting it.

I’ve had Colen and Sumitomo collecting dust in my roster for awhile. This is because I was focusing on maxing Boldtusk who is on my war/raid defense team and getting Wilbur to 3/60.

Wilbur I find to be a great hero so Im tempted to max him, but I also feel like I should focus on one of my hitters.
It takes me a long time to get heroes leveled up though because I have only 1 TC 20, one other im trying to level up to 20c, i use one as a storage, and i also run out of backpacks quickly.

If you were in my position would you focus on finishing Wilbur, bringing colen to 3/60 then going back to wilbur or bringing sumitomo to 3/60 then going back to wilbur?

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Wilbur first, then Colen in that scenario.


Wilbur. BTW best training camp setup for leveling up hero’s quickly is always running 1 TC at 20, 2 TC’s at 11, and having your last TC flex between 19, 2, and 1. If no materials or food for these 3- run it at 11 for 1 day.


Its a tough choice, the W in their name stays for Winner. Oh, wait…


Wilbur no doubt. It’s nice to have solid hitters for stacking, but it’s even more important having someone like Wilbur for Titans (my personal opinion)

He’s too awesome to put aside for Colen. Colen can wait his turn


Wilbur. Even if you don’t have 5* red hitters. With his special will make any of your team a super hitter.



First of all how do you have the food to keep 4 TC’s running at all times lol. Secondly why double TC11’s? You can just store up recruits in one of them.

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Wilbur is the best out of those three. Colen is second best. I don’t know if Colen should go to 4/70 though unless you’re swimming in blades and nothing else red to level. I wouldn’t bother leveling Sumitomo at all, or at least he CERTAINLY doesn’t get blades.

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Thanks for all the help to everyone who replied! Im glad to see a unanimous agreement, it made me feel 100% guilt free as I spent all my blades taking Wilbur to final teir.

I already love him at 3/60, now he’ll be even more perfect. Thanks guys and glas!

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One cheap feeder every two hours or two?

What do you do?

And why are we talking about this in this thread?

Well you mentioned running 4 TC’s and I replied with a question. Don’t worry about heavy handed mods silencing this discussion. If it happens it happens, but I feel like what you is bad advice or at least I’m confused about the benefits of 2 TC 11. Just questioning.

I didn’t mention it recently. But I have found two TC11s backlogging feeders works well with my TC12 which stores ham and recruits and a single TC20 which can handle day to day things as a TC1/2/3 & 19.

I am p2p so I find less use for a TC20 doing duty as a TC20.

But, to your question, one TC11 keeps about 1000 feeders for me as it has been running as such for quite awhile. My second 11 never seems to have more than 100 feeders stored as I use it first for any leveling and the as a tc1/2.

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Sweg, I’m just giving advise on what training camp setup works for me when leveling heros. I always have 1 TC20 and 2 TC11’s going. My 4TC is always going also between mainly 1, 2, and 19. When I run out of food for these 3 I usually run that TC at 11 for 1 day (which is about once a week). My farms average level is 13 and food isn’t really the problem, it’s recruits. And the only time I don’t use world energy is when I’m sleeping. And the reason I run 2 TC 11’s is because that is the best trained hero vs cost there is. I’m finishing leveling up my food storages now and am going to level up farms next.

I’ve also read the post on the forums of people wanting to store food in TC13?, but I think that’s not the right thing to do because of how you are crippling trained hero output compared to my method.


I vote Wilbur and 20 characters.


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