Interactive Hero Chart?

Is there someplace to go that has some type of interactive hero chart where I can plug in what I’m looking for and find out what heroes might offer that?

Let’s say, which I actually am, looking for a 4* version of Valen. So if I want a fast blue 4* single target hitter with defense down… where would I go to find that? Or any other random hero attributes that I might think of, is there a place to do that?

I know of charts, but I do not know of any that are interactive to that extent. For what it is worth it sounds like a good idea :+1:.

Of the vanilla lot Grimm is probably closest. Average speed, drops D for 3 targets. The blue fast single hero hitter is Sonya. She doesn’t drop D but offers dispel (cleanse with costume). Depends if you’re prioritizing the sniping fast aspect or D dropping aspect. Both are solid heroes you’ll find use for long term though.

While there are similarities between hero levels, not all hero powers are copy and paste to the next level up.

Good luck out there, hope that helps!


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Yeah I was noticing some heroes were copy and paste between colors, but not necessarily between upgrades of the same color. I thought maybe I was missing something and there might be a place to go look for exactly what my needs were.

What I find fascinating about this game is each Hero has their own “niche” in some way. I really wish there were some sort of training grounds place that would cost no flags to play and of course give no rewards that would let you test out varying teams and what they might do from a selective board of say, easy - medium - hard.

@Halo Have you tried using the tool? - Tool for tracking your profile’s progress, sharing it & to Plan your Hero Use for Class Trials, Challenge Events, Wars, Tavern of Legends Titans AND MORE!


I will check this out now. Ty


It doesn’t quite do what you need as far as searching for heroes, but it does have all heroes, with their associated info. I have tags in the system right now (for Elemental defense down, Defense down, etc). It wouldn’t be hard to put in additional filters for that.


The site

had the exact feature you are looking for (search heroes by filters of special skills.)

The first owner stopped updating it in february 2020. The second owner continued in august/september 2020. The filters are no longer there…I fear.

Here you can find the according thread: | All Heroes Database | Filter & Compare Heroes + Summon Simulator

I don’t know any other source.


My data studio project might help. Google’s filters are a bit weird, but if you feel up to learning some RegEx it can be very powerful.

For example, to find your 4* Valen, set Stars to 4, Element to Ice, and search special for the regex (?i).-…% defense for.

Hope this helps!


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