E&P Data Bible


In response to @coppersky requesting help with player data, attached is a collection of all the data I have found on the E&P forums and elsewhere in one google spreadsheet. The missing data is highlighted in yellow.

It also has a mechanism to capture battle data so we can arrive at good probabilities of drop rates for items in the lands by level.

Most cells are editable, so please add missing data. With all of us helping we should be able to keep this up to date going forward. If you have specific suggestions that you don’t want to burden the forum with, you can email me at the address included in the file on the first tab.

Let’s continue the general data discussion here though.

Research Costs for Crafts and Training Centers
Am I the only person who has serious difficulty getting enough Midnight Roots?
Heroes special skills

Is it possible to put a line (or maybe color with lighter tones) across the page to divide the colors, so that when you go to the right, you know you’re in the right section?

This is more for new players who don’t know all the hero names yet. :wink:


Thanks @Rook

I think you are referring to the heroes table which is quite wide. I could make all the blues a blue background, red/red, etc but then the missing cells and the calculated cells would not show up (only 1 color a cell). I made the first 3 columns non scrolling so they are always visible. Does that work to accomplish what you had in mind?

If i put lines between each color, that would not work correctly if you resorted the columns. I find I resort quite a lot to see who is stronger in Power, Attack, Defense and Health and to group all star levels together, etc.


First three columns non scrolling works! :grin:


Added Thoth-Amun to the dataset. Sill need help in updating second and third ascension data on the heroes tab and the data in yellow on all the tabs. Thanks for the help! Let’s get this complete.