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In response to @coppersky requesting help with player data, attached is a collection of all the data I have found on the E&P forums and elsewhere in one google spreadsheet. The missing data is highlighted in yellow.

It also has a mechanism to capture battle data so we can arrive at good probabilities of drop rates for items in the lands by level.

Most cells are editable, so please add missing data. With all of us helping we should be able to keep this up to date going forward. If you have specific suggestions that you don’t want to burden the forum with, you can email me at the address included in the file on the first tab.

Let’s continue the general data discussion here though.


Is it possible to put a line (or maybe color with lighter tones) across the page to divide the colors, so that when you go to the right, you know you’re in the right section?

This is more for new players who don’t know all the hero names yet. :wink:

Thanks @Rook

I think you are referring to the heroes table which is quite wide. I could make all the blues a blue background, red/red, etc but then the missing cells and the calculated cells would not show up (only 1 color a cell). I made the first 3 columns non scrolling so they are always visible. Does that work to accomplish what you had in mind?

If i put lines between each color, that would not work correctly if you resorted the columns. I find I resort quite a lot to see who is stronger in Power, Attack, Defense and Health and to group all star levels together, etc.

First three columns non scrolling works! :grin:

Added Thoth-Amun to the dataset. Sill need help in updating second and third ascension data on the heroes tab and the data in yellow on all the tabs. Thanks for the help! Let’s get this complete.

@CJM I found an error in the headings of the table in the Lands sheet. I wanted to fix it, but that sheet seems to be locked to Read-only.
Judging by the numbers in the columns, it looks like the food column should actually be XP/energy and the other headings shifts right by one in the blue section. The columns to the right of the blue section look fine. BTW what is the heroes column supposed to indicate? The numbers in that column look right for the items or recruits headings.
Can you please unlock the sheet or fix it?


thank you for this big job.it will help a lot of players

Why haven’t I seen this before…?
This is a staggering amount of work

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@CJM With the advent of Season 2, will we be seeing updates to the E&P bible?

I am going to try to set up season 2 data collection this weekend. Lots of changes to make. Start collecting your run data by province and level. We will use that to collectively score each level for resources.

Also anyone with free time can enter the new heroes in the heroes tab

Hi all,

Wanted to let you know that I updated the E&P Data bible for season 2. Here is the link again:

We need players to enter their battle data runs on season 2 so that we get good statistics for drop rates.

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Just added 1800 battle runs from current release level including all Season 2 so far (thanks Greg S and Beirmeister). Removed old runs from prior releases. Shows that the peaks for Food, Iron, Items etc. have changed. Check it out.

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I just added info for the Season 2 heroes at certain levels, and a note on rare titans.

I noticed that you managed to do the task that I’ve been putting off, which is to set up the data for the watchtower so that it is complete and will calculate. I was hoping that I could put this on the Wiki, with credit to you and whomever helped you.

(and a quick question about that spreadsheet. I believe that first green column should be Total Food Storage and Total Iron Storage?)


And just noticed that a line needs to be added for Khiona. (formatting is locked on page)

Thanks for the adds @Coppersky! Full credit for the watchtower tab goes to amity21 but that is not their name in the forum. Not sure how to contact or give credit to him/her. Also added Khiona to the Heroes Tab (which should not be locked) and the Heroes Ranking tab (which is locked). LMK if you want any additional stuff included in the spreadsheet and I will set up a tab and maybe we can find someone to enter it.

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The watchtower page on the wiki has been updated. I was unable to keep functionality of the calculations when I imported the spreadsheet. But it sends people to the E&P Data Bible for the original copy.

Take a look, and let me know if you see any changes that need to be made!

tab Heroes. Aeron has misprints

Aeron --> Offense --> “Draw a card for a specific effect: SKULL Deals 255% damage to all enemies. All enemies receive 156 damage over 3 turns. CROSS Recovers 27% health for all allies. Dispels status ailments from all allies. STARS All enemies get -34% defense for 3 turns. All allies get +48% attack for 3 turns.”

Must be changed to

Aeron --> Defense --> “All allies regenerate 459 HP over 3 turns. The caster and nearby allies are inmune to new status aliments for 3 turns. this effect can’t be dispeled. Dispels status aliments from the caster and nearby allies. Element link gives all Dark allies +5% attack and +5% defense for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispeled.”

Thanks. Made the change. Did not use to be like that.

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Is it possible to add, somewhere, a glossary of terms, please. As a new player I have struggled with terms that possibly are taken for granted by experienced players. Eg nerf, buff, norm, debuff, special.

Ask and you shall receive.

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