Descriptive Index of game resources


It would be nice to have all the charts i.e.: best place to farm for special chests , hero asentions mats, and such all in one place. I find that it gets difficult to navigate through all the post to find them, when I do I bring rthem back to our alliance members.

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Since they are all different subjects and product of different people efforts it’s quite impossible to just have it all in one place. You could try making a content list, like an index of such posts and links to it and fix it in the forum subsection.


I can start an index with links accompanied by brief descriptions. To start with, are there any specific threads that are not in the player guides category? Or external resources that aren’t listed?


I don’t think so, but there are things interesting to know that don’t quite have their post, but are a reply somewhere. Like the scoring theory someone somewhere did, I’ve read it, but can’t remember where that was. Maybe it would be nice if someone transformed that in an actual post?

I was thinking to do that for my defense and attack theories once I gathered more heroes data and was sure if my findings. If I got enough patience for that… maybe not… heh


Add them into the replies here as you find them then!
Just put up a link :slight_smile:


Where can I find info and maybe somone know ?:
What means that the hero deals 452% damage. Percent from what? What is 100% in this case?
And further in the description that it causes 246 injuries for 6 turns? What is the difference between this% value and the amount of offense.
And also whether there is info about how the Alliance points are counted from Titan’s attacks, what is the conversion rate of these points, how to check it. I am not talking about those in the description of the strength of the alliance, but about how they are calculated from what they get.
whether such information is available / I try to understand the rules of this game as much as possible!


Hello @Jul,
Here are a couple links to help you out:

This link has everything about titan scoring with regards to wins, escapes, and decay of the titan score, courtesy of @Revelate.

How the % damage and damage over time (DoT) specials work is explained in a few places in the forum, but this post by @Dante2377 does pretty well explaining it.

If you have further questions, reply on those threads, and someone will help clarify things for you. :grinning:


I really do not know why people from the middle of the world are digging, they’re guessing what and for what? Should not the SG be inwolwed in this situation tu explain.
After all, this is not a guessing and someone has programmed and counted it. I think that this task at the height of which should stand Staff SG the same did not fall out of the tail only mathematical truth was programmed …?


SGG doesnt talk about how they’ve implemented things and the formulas behind the mechanics.

Hence all this reverse engineering to try to figure out how things work, what stacks, where the cut off values are etc.

That and the fact thats its fun :slight_smile: