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Hello everybody,

my name is Jason and I would like to introduce you to my private project of
I am playing this game for about 8 months now and frequently experienced situations where all existing hero databases, wikis, guides or however they are called were just not meeting my expectations of functionality or usability (especially mobile).

With this is about to change right now :slight_smile:


  • Database of all heroes including stats and 7DD grades if available
  • Filter for all attributes including sort-feature
  • 103 categorized special skills (i.e. Attack-1 - Heroes that attack a single target or Heal-5 - Heroes that heal all allies)
  • Compare feature that displays all stats of selected heroes in a table view
  • Summon Simulator to experience summons without spending money
  • responsive layout for desktop and mobile

I would love to hear your guys opinion on what is great and of course also on what is not so great.
Feel free to also report bugs or feature requests.


UPDATE 19.07.2019
I have gathered some feedbacks from here, reddit and facebook.
Disturbing popup ads are removed.
Attribute Origin (Regular, Atlantis, HotM and all Special Events) added and filterable.
Changelog added as well.

Time for some pictures
Thats how a hero card looks like in my database:

Here you can see the compare feature in action:

above mentioned filters



Very nicely done and the site if fluid and clean. I have not looked through everything but just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts.


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Really nice work; thank you for sharing!

This is amazing!! Thank you so much!!

If it’s there, I haven’t found it yet, but I’d like to see where one gets particular heroes. Like, from Atlantis, Grimforest, regular summons, etc. For example, my chances are slim of getting a previous HOTM, and I can’t tell that by looking at the card.

I just found Sir Lancelot under Fast heroes, and he’s Average; I have him.

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Thank you so far guys :slight_smile:

@Rosenberg95 Sir Lancelot fixed and set to Average Special Skill speed.

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WOW! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Thank you so much!

Thanks man for giving us great tool .

Not sure if it’s just because I viewed it in safari from an iPhone but I couldn’t really navigate the site because every time I tried to click the menu button on the top left it opened or attempted to open a bunch of pop up windows. Also took me to the App Store and News app.

I just tried the site! Nice, friendly and simple UI for users to use especially new players IMHO!

I used safari from an iPhone too, like @Alyssaann1014 , but without any add blocker, so it gave me 1 pop-up ad with the first click and one more after spending like 30’ browsing the site… It’s not the optimal situation for sure, but it’s fine…

It has 3 main features: hero database, compare and token simulator.

Token simulator is a great idea and I loved it! :sunglasses: But it’s a bit too generous with 4* heroes… 50-50 3*-4* heroes…:roll_eyes: …it would be great if this was happening in the game.
Something I would really like to see in the near future is different summon categories, in the current moment it gave me Rudolph, Valeria, Gafar, and squire e wabbit, all together! (maybe this effect the 4* higher than normal summons?!)

Compare is pretty good! You can more than 5 heroes and you can choose from a list or type the name!:+1:
Having 1* and 2* heroes and only the overall 7DD ranks makes it suitable for beginners, even 1-2 heroes doesn’t have ranks… Many new players (with 2-3 3*) try to use enphero but getting frustrated with all these numbers and the more technical interface!
In the future I would like to see some more features for beginners for example to put the icon appearing in the battle next to skill description ! Many new players doesn’t recognize them…

Hero database is nice and useful, I guess “Total” is the sum of attack, health and defense. Tcost is about how many AM a hero needs to reach max tier? It’s not self-explanatory at least for me!:thinking:

Keep up the good and hard work! I think we need a tool like that, with good friendly interface and stats, especially if you aim for an audience of new to avarage players!:+1:

Thank you for this, great work and very helpfull! I like it! :+1:

Good day, I checked out your resource.

Cudos to you and your efforts in your project.

@Jason9013 under your subheading : About us, “privat” I think is supposed to be private? Small typo or error on my part . :relieved:

@Razor has a utility website full of stats and other useful tidbits for positioning and such.
RaZor’s Edge

Thanks for the hint on the typo. I have corrected it.

I know Razors Tool but still had the need to have a filter function especially on my created categorized special skills.

In General: the current form of advertisement is already identified as disturbing for mobile usage and alternatives are evaluated.

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thanks for this database, really useful!

Especially enjoyed summoning simulator, but must be broken because pulled 3x5* in 20 summons :wink:


Thank you for your feedback my friend.
I will put some FAQ-like infopage on my todolist.
For now I can explain it here:
Total - Sum of attack, defense, health
Tcost - Teamcost

As I now added the origin attribute to all heroes your request of having different summon categories is my priority #1 topic and will be implemented within the next 5 days

@Petri Is there any chance that you can provide high resolution card images with transparency?
Sorry for being crude but I have not found out how to send PMs or maybe I am just not allowed to (yet)?


Amazing site well done, keep up the good work!


Hey my friend the near future you were looking at is NOW!
All summon types are implemented now.
Have fun summoning :slight_smile:

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Hey @Boolz

looks like you have a rather complex combination of filters that leads to wrong results.
Just from your screenshots I was not able to reproduce this error.
Could you provide more information?


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first pic, just go and select the remove buff
all of other pics, just go use the link i provided and then try to use filters-doesnt work,

Sorry @Boolz but filter criterias are not submitted with the URL so your link will not show me what you saw.
The filter presets in the menu will always delete all existing filter criterias that are already set.
My combiations of buff removes with family and stars all seem to work…

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