I'm terrible at raiding

I am constantly getting beat when raiding, by teams that I feel like I should be able to beat pretty easily. Any advice on which to level next (currently working on melendor). The screenshot of my defense team is what I am currently using to raid. I will sometimes swap out Kirk with boril or melendor. Although I dont usually see any real difference. What would you guys recommend as a better raid team? I do seem to do pretty well on raid defense with this team. Thank you all for taking the time to help us all learn to play better

is this for defense or for offensive raiding?

for offense you want to stack against the tank usually, or against a problematic support hero. You need more levels on some of your heroes to make stacking more effective though.

Try swapping in Melendor instead of Obakan or Onatel sometime if you need a dispeller… these heroes are nice but they need more levels to truly be threatening, at 3/70 their damage is very average


Form your attack team to counter the opponent. Take 3 of the strong color against the center, an off color healer and choose heroes with special skills, which will dispel their buffs and/or cleanse bad ailments. Then try also to buff yourself and/or set bad ailments to them.

Try to balance out health, hit and utility or focus on one of these.


My question is really more for offense. I will try swapping melendor with Onatel. Obakan seems to help with his counterattack. Would you keep Kiril in with melendor or swap him with boril? I do understand that I need to build the team for each opponent I raid. I guess that will come with experience and learning which hero is best for each opponent. Thanks.

Which heroes would you concentrate on leveling first? Ascension is painfully slow especially for the 5*. I’m working on melendor currently. Thanks.

Most of your issue is you don’t have depth. I prefer raiding with only 1 healer. With that line up I would avoid Blue tanks and would look for Holy ones.

On a side note, you need to level Wu Kong for your Titan hits.

I would level BT, Colen and Sumi for your reds
Grimm, Sonya and Boril for your Blues
Finish Mel and level Caed and Buddy
Rigard, Tibs and Cyp
You are hurting for Holy


Yeah I would keep Melendor and Kiril together, Kiril doesn’t heal that much but his boosts are great, and Melendor heals more + dispels any boosts from enemies. Together they’ll keep your team alive.

I’ll divide by colors, focus on one at at time:

  • Tiburtus (def-, better than Gormek)
  • Wu Kong (great damage boost albeit high risk with miss chance, also he’s the best you have against titans)
  • Grimm (def-, best attack of all those heroes)
  • After Melendor, Buddy (def- and atk-, overall very sturdy support hero)
  • Boldtusk (grants high attack boost and heals)

Start with those, I’d focus on them for now. If you run out of ascension materials, then start working on other 4 stars. I’d exclusively focus on 4* heroes until you have about 3 of them maxed in each color. That’ll give you many options for offense.



there are a lot of videos on Youtube where players record their raids. It is good material to find some inspiration how to compose a team and what strategy is efficient in particular situtation. I see in your roster good possibilities to create dark trio, or red trio, also yelow. Rigard and Wu should be your focus now.


You don’t really have any snipers. Snipers make raiding alot easier. Get tc20 running and hope for Magni, Liana, Joon, Sartana

Edit: I used caedom as my first sniper, was pretty solid all the way into diamond.

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Sorry for stupid question coming…what is tc20?

There are no stupid questions only the ones not asked. TC 20 is abbreviation for training camp Twenty. Continue to progress your buildings and your training camps .TC20 can give you up to five star heroes :grinning:


Oh sorry, training camp 20, gives you guarantee 3* with a chance of 4* and 5* heros. But with what you have now, you could start caedmon and max sonya. The grimm-sonya combo will help alot. The grimm-sonya-kiril combo will 1 shot most heros.

EDIT: I would personally max grimm as he is a beast b4 sonya, and just max caedmon bc hes one of the better 4* greens


As others have said, you should vary your attack team based on the color the opponent’s tank. For now I’d suggest trying to develop heroes that give you the flexibility to attack in 2-2-1 formations. Ideally that’ll be two heroes strong against the tank and two other heroes strong against one of the flanks (and it’s better if that second group of two is neutral against the tank too). Eventually you’ll want to expand your depth so you can go 3-2.

Red: Gormek and Boldtusk will work really well since they have the same mana speed and complementary skills.

Blue: Kiril and Grimm, for the same reasons.

Green: Melendor and Buddy I think are your best options. Buddy is powerful and defense down is always a great effect - it’s excellent that you have that option in every element (that it is available in). Later I’d hope to replace / supplement Melendor with Caedmon.

Yellow: Onatel is great. You don’t have a great pairing option here. I’m going to suggest Wu Kong, because you want him for titans anyway. Until he’s there, Li Xiu can be serviceable - he mana cut complements Onatel’s ability really well.

Purple: you’re set here with Merlin and Obakan, though I’d level Tiburtus as well (again, the defense down) and Rigard.

Edited to add: by the way, excellent post. I like that you took responsibility for losing and are asking for help. It is a refreshing change from many of the posts here.


Thank you for the great advice and compliment. Maybe humility comes with age. Two things I have plenty of. Lol.


Oh goodie … another chance for me to promote my favourite thread!


Awesome, I hadn’t found that one yet. It looks like I have a ton of reading to do. Thanks

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Kiril + Grimm + Sonya, when leveled, is a very powerful threesome against red tanks in the 4* family and usable against 5*s

Kiril is a booster and healer, Grimm a heavy hitter and defence down and Sonya a sniper and dispeller.

I’d work on finishing that combo first - and go hunting/rerolling for red tanks.

Gadierus + Buddy + Melandor is also a good trio to finish. Add Caedemon in if you get him for a good strong side of a 4:1

Boldtusk + Scarlett go really well in combo as well.

Get those all finished to full power and you’ll have a decent mix/match set up for raiding and not be waiting Ascension mats forever.

Finally - find a good teaching alliance with experienced players that welcomed newish players in and helps them along. We do that in The Lumber Jacks and have a spot open and would welcome you, but there are many many good alliances out there that can help. A lot.


I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to get 15 leveled just to be able to raid, that is more for war and tournaments. Rainbow is fine or go 2-1-1-1 and go with same team always but in the case of the latter defense reroll defenses that you have no strong color against.

After a while you will see where your plateau is and which tanks to avoid. The majority of players don’t have the time or want to go through the effort to change teams before every single raid.

Just choose a team that you can play comfortably with and worry about perfecting raiding later. I would ditch Obakan though.

Something like Grimm/Caedmon/Boldtusk/Merlin/Onatel would fit my playstyle. Or Melendor/Grimm/Onatel/Merlin/Caedmon and punish those Boril and Kiril tanks.

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Level Boldtusk and Rigard and you’ll have a devastating Obakan Boldtusk Merlin Gormek Rigard team to use against yellow tanks. You could also replace 3/70 Obakan with 4/70 Tiburtus, if you max him.

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As people have said, you will want to vary the team for your opponent — or simply keep re-rolling until you have a team that your heroes can beat. When I finally started improving on raids, I was seeking out red and blue tanks because of the heroes I had. Now I am a bit less choosy, as I have more depth.

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