Looking for offensive and defensive team help


These are my heroes.

At the moment I run; Tiberius, Joon, Triton, Melendor and Gormek as my offensive team and Boldtusk, Tiberius, Joon, Triton and Melendor as my defensive team.
I would love suggestions from you all on the best possible teams in your opinion.

Offense teams should always be shifting to best counter your opponent, so there’s really no way to tell which offense team will work without knowing who you’re raiding. Bring a dispeller if there’s buffs, a cleanser if there are ailments, or if someone lowers defense- bring someone who raises defense etc. If you stack colors, stack vs the tank, and maybe the second strongest hero (usually a flank), then ghost tiles after you get through the first one-two heroes.

(For Now) Defense:


Healing buff first, then heal and dispel, then attack buff before a few other hitters, Tibs lowers defense before Joon snipes. Don’t like running two healers up front, but BT is your best option for tank, and you don’t have any other green options leveled up right now, but once Caedmon is at 4T, switch Mel out for him.

Al moves from left to right, so keep dispels, cleanses, buffs and defense downs on the left. Tank, you want your beefiest hero (defense and health) and flanks you want someone that isn’t super squishy, but that has an important effect (like defense down or mana control). Wings you’ll usually want fast mana heroes (typically snipers), as it doesn’t take them much to charge; those are usually the ones lacking in defense as well, so they’ll be protected. Defense isn’t all that important though, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Also, I would focus on maxing your heroes. There’s a lot ascended, but they haven’t been maxed. Use on-color feedings, and do one hero in each color at a time until they’re either maxed or at the mat wall. This will improve their damage output and survivability.

A few heroes to consider working on:

Red: Finish Boldtusk for a tanky buff and heal, then Gormek for defense down, then Falcon for green Titans and tanks, Lancelot for the buff and high tile damage, and Scarlett for another high tile damage, fast hitter. Kelile can wait til later.

Blue: Finish Triton for a fast sniper in blue, then Sonya for fast dispel, Grimm for the best pulverizer, and then Kiril for that heal and dragon banner. Valeria last

Green: Finish Melendor for that deep heal and dispel, then Caedmon for fast dispel, then Buddy for attack and defense down (and minions), then Evelyn for blue Titans and tanks. LJ after for the high tile damage.

Yellow: Finish Joon to 70, then Wu Kong for titans. After that, Li Xiu for the mana cut on all.

Purple: Finish Tiburtus, then I spose Cyprian since you’ve taken him to 4T, then you could start on Quintus (unless you pull Sabina or even more preferrably, Rigard- then do them first)

Hope this helps :blush:


Thank for your clear input.