Best Raid Defense + Offense Team: Who Should I Level?

Hi all!

Relatively new player here. I was wondering if anyone could recommend which heroes I should level for the best possible Defense and Offense Raid teams? There are some obvious candidates here, but I’ll keep my thoughts to myself for now.

Thank you kindly in advance!

I would go for my self with
Wukung Khiona Boldtusk Grimm Azlar
But that is just me and I am also a newbie

@Razor what do you think my friend?


Thank you very much! Double fire might be a good call for speeding up Azlar’s special.

To that end, I was thinking using Proteus’ mana freeze would be strong in offense as well and give Azlar time to fire, in which case perhaps:

Proteus - Caedmon - Khiona - Azlar - Kiril

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Personally I would try to make a good titan teams first since that is your primary source of ascension material needed to ascend heroes they can also double as a raid team. I also level only same color to get that exp boost.

Yellow - Finish Wukong then work on Chao then maybe Li Xiu
Red - Boldtusk and Kelile (I think Kelile is better than Sumitomo, she’s fast vs average and does more damage, counterattack is too dependent on titan AI or enemy AI hitting them)
Blue - Finish Kiril then Grimm then Sonya
Green - Caedmon and Melendor
Purple - Proteus/Tiburtus then Sabina

I’m assuming you don’t have enough ascension material to max anybody but when you do I would go with maxing a 4* first since typically a max 4* is better than a 3/70 5* hero. A max 4* team will also enable you to finish the rare quest levels and challenge events to get guaranteed ascension materials.

Since your Kiril is almost at 3/60 I would first level some hitters to go with him so Kelile, Caedmon, Proteus/Tiburtus, and finish WuKong. Proteus and Tiburtus is your choice, defense down is REALLY important for titan hitting but mana block is also very useful, up to you. Wukong of course is essential for titan hitting.

Edit: Don’t worry about raiding too much until you have a team that is able to stay somewhere close to platinum.


I was thinking in stacking the attack buffs of
Khiona Wukong Boldtusk
To buff Azlar and for Grimm to softness the opponents deffense so when ever Azlar trigger it comes deadly.

Khiona and Wukong will stack but Khiona and Boldtusk will not stack

Really appreciate the in-depth analysis DMP.

I’m getting close to having the materials to max Khiona by sheer luck, although a ways off regardless.

The stack is a good point, not as useful to have Khiona and Kiril on the same team for that reason - maybe a debuff healer like Melendor with Grimm swapped in for Kiril is a stronger combination. I understand the teams will change based on titan color, though.

I see consensus is to leave Azlar’s slow self alone either way, for the moment.

Friendly advice from one who got caught early: just ignore those 5* heroes you have, for now. They are hugely expensive and slow to build.

You don’t even have a 3* team built. I’m torn between advising that you just skip straight to 4* or build up some 3s. A solid 3* team will get you through the first stages of the game well. OTOH they are a dead-end: in four months, you’ll only use those 3* for Alliance Wars to fill out your war teams to 30 heroes.

3* heroes are fast to build. I’d look at Gato, cochon, and Mnesseus. Do you have Belith or Hawkmoon? A healer helps.

After getting a decent 3* squad, or if you want to bypass 3*, then you’ve got some great choices. Follow @DMP ‘s advice. Spot on. The choice between Proteus and Tibertus is the tough one. With Grimm, id probably give the nod to Proteus, but it’s a close call.

Again, I think the biggest challenge is deciding whether to build a competent 3* team quickly, or take a slower road to build the long-term heroes now.