Help with raid defense

Hey guys if anyone has a chance to give me some guidance with setting up my raid defense team I would greatly appreciate it. Also who I should ascend would be great advice. I keep losing cups and I have no idea why. Lately it seems I’m back peddling. Idk if it’s the update with the new talents or if people are just getting better faster than me :scream:

Edit: I usually float around 2150-2200 cups but lately I’ve been losing raids and going all the way down to 1850-1900.


You have really good 5*
You want your Wu and Rigard fast as possible. Second Tiburtus can be nice for raids, Melendor is good for raids/titans with his high attack

Thank you very much I appreciate it. Just curious why I wouldn’t use Joon for my defense team?

Because Joon is not fully leveled.

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Id run Kash as tank.
Ill edit this seeing as i cant see your line up.

Id run, scarlett-boldy-kash-tib-grimm.


Like @Defiler said, your Joon is too weak now for defense

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Thank you for the help it’s greatly appreciated. I hope you all are having a great day!

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