Need help with raid offense

Soo after not getting GM, I really need some advice for my offense team in this current meta (telli tanks). I’ve read the main thread „how do you beat Telluria“ but since I only have a Mitmieter roster I wanted advice specific to my situation. I tried mono red (BT, wilbur, falcon, Mariana, JF) but didn’t win even with good boards. This is what I currently have, I can ascend one more 5* of each color and 2 reds:

I was thinking maybe a Yurple Team after maxing malosi? What would you use against the current meta given my roster? Thanks for the help!

I usually were to use the “reroll” button as I don’t raid to go into the top 100 but lately I just put a fitting defense team to cup drop:

Leonidas - Quintus - Khagan - Thorne - Horghall

If you want to attack a telluria team I would suggest you to bring clerics, monks, or high emblemed heroes. My Joon+18, Vivica+18 and Ranvir+18 had good results thanks to my Grazul+3 but they are still very board dependent :man_shrugging:

You could try with Ariel, Mother North and Joon/Malosi/Inari.

I usually hit reroll too, but wanted to see if I have a chance with mY current roster. Will try out your advice once malosi is ready!

I’m not too familiar with heros by name that will do what you need but from what I’ve seen you need cleanser and debuff to wash opposing team of telli’s protection so you can hit them. MOK-ARR works great against Telli…

I’m not sure where you are in raiding (Diamond versus Platinum), but I raid 3-2 and do not fear Telluria. With your roster, I would go Marjana, Jean-François, Boldtusk plus the weak flank color twice.

Whether you should go mono or not, I won’t answer as it feels so risky to me. Others swear by it.

I’m intrigued by what @UB6iB9 says about Mok-Arr, though.

Oh, and in an attempt to show empathy, I am C2P and saved a lot of Atlantis coins for this month, totally chased Gravemaker (somewhat in violation of the cheap) and did not draw him. That likely does not make you feel any better, but please know you are not alone. I’m maxing J-F next week after I get that Tome of Tactics.

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Raiding in diamond, I did try the team you suggested and wasn’t really able to win once telli fires and slows me down. I do have the costume for boldtusk which should make him a bit sturdier but I dont know if thats enough. With the GM Telli Vela meta, bringing either 2 blues or greens didnt really seem to work… might have to just practice more…
Thanks for the kind words regarding not getting GM :slight_smile:

BT costume not only update his stats, but has Withstand, very useful ability against Telluria or DoT.
I think in DoT meta monks is even more useful in offence than warriors, because monk BT can laugh to Vela’s face, but warrior will resurrected and die immidately from Vela’s DoT.

Telluria Alberich (Mother North) Marjana Falcão and JF.

3-2 basically.
3 reds 2 greens it’s working for me with 4* with Puss in Boots and Telluria.

3-1-1 with 3 reds Telluria and one of the opposite enemies flank also.

You have many options so you’ll figure out.

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