Raid defence

Hello there, fellow raiders. I’ve come to crossroads, and i need your help essembling new raid defence team.
I’ve played for 7 month now(C2P, but quite a lucky one!), and i tried getting info about the game from every source i could (including this wonderful forum). So, the situaion is:
I play around 2400-2600. My defence team for now is: Seshat+3 Boldtusk+15 Boril+18 Tiburtus+18 Scarlett+15. Yeah, i know, this defence is nothing for those 4200+ teams that usually sit at this rating.
My other heroes, potentially useful(from weak to strong ones, i will only inculde the worthy ones):
GREEN: caedmon+11 , Kingston 3/70(will be asceneded in no time, so we can count him like 4/80)
BLUE: Kirill+14 Boril+18 Athene 4/47(count like 4/80)
RED: Gormek+13 Wilbur+14 GFalcon+13 Boldtusk+15 Scarlett+15
PURPLE: Proteus +X(almost fully leveled, and i will make him+19 sacrificing Kirill, i have enough emblems)Sabina+14 Tiburtus+18 Seshat+3
GOLD: neith 1/1 leonidas 3/70 li xiu 4/70 rana 3/70 ranvir+1. I have possibilty to ascend either rana or neith to 4/80, thats where i need your help.
My variations of defence team i can use:
Seshat boldtusk boril tiburtus Kingston
Seshat Neith Boril Kingston Proteus
Seshat Rana Boril Proteus Kingston
Maybe i should switch tank, or use athene at wing somehow, i cant figure out the best way.
I will welcome any ideas you have, i cant decide what to use(fyu, i know that any defence i could use, wont be super effective).

I’d run with: Kingston—Kiril—Li Xiu—BT—Sesh once you have King maxed. Rainbow makes you better in most cases. Li Xiu isn’t ideal but if you don’t want to use BT or Kiril Is say her. Boril is a pain, especially where you have him emblemed…but players will dispel or hit you hard til he fires then eat the rest of the damage and heal.

If you switch emblems to Proteus he is interesting on Defense. AI won’t use him effectively, though. He will be KEY for your offense moving forward.

Using 5* Id probably lean toward:


You have some fun combos to try out anyway!

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Any other ideas, fellow forum users?