I'm stuck on who to level first please help!

HELP! Have no idea who I should level first, who I should focus on and who is actually better than who and what team I should use. Any help whould be greatly appreciated!

It looks like you are fairly new to the game. Before you really worry to much about who should be leveled first, you might want to take some time to read some of the strategy tips on the forum.

@Kerridoc gives a nice definition of how to begin to think about team building. So many people get sucked into starting right off with a 5*. Don’t. You’ll be back here in a few months complaining about how much this game sucks. Start with the 3*'s.

Read all of this!

This is really a helpful resourse for farming, as that tends to be the bottleneck early on in the game.

There are more resources out there, tons actually. But, my best advice is to work up from the 3s, learn how to manipulate tiles, grow your base. Then start working on 4s. We are talking a few months from now!

Ascension materials are hard to come by in the beginning. My opinion, after doing it wrong initially, is to work up a rainbow team of 4*'s to 500 team power. Do that for 3 or four teams depending on your patience, then move those teams to 550…600…etc. Then you will be more versatile, have some war teams ready, and be able to hit titans no matter the color.

If you chose the 5* heroes first, you’ll only have one team to brag about, but have no depth as they take FOREVER to ascend. Don’t fret about getting to diamond league too quickly.

But that is just my 2 cents worth.


Wilbur, Kiril/Grimm, Rigard, Li Xiu/Wu Kong, Caedmon.

Wilbur as he is a very useful long term hero because of the defense down on opponent and defence up and spirit link for you.

Caedmon is one of the best as well his dispell is very needed.

I’d go with Rigard first because he stands up to 5* very well. He’s long term.

For blue depends on whether you want heavy defence or offence… Kiril is great because of his built in dragon banner, but Grimm is also great but more offensive in nature.

Li Xiu or Wu Kong. Thats a tough one for me to decide who to level first as I think they are both good. Wu Kong is chancy to use but he will allow you to hit far above your weight 2/3 of the time. Li Xiu with her mana control has saved me many times and better defensively.

I hope this helps, feel free to ask me more questions.

I also agree with @Hrairoo suggested you check out.

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Yes I am rather new, I actually have a 3* team and I also have enough mats to ascend at least 1 of every color at least 3 times and a couple 4 times. That’s why I’m asking the question. I don’t want to waste what I have.

I’ve heard Elkanen is not worth the mats, so I dont want to ascend him again. I have also read Thorne is the worst blue 5* So before I ascend anyone any further I’m reaching out for advice from some people that have played longer.

But I will check into the links. I’ve been doing heavy research on the game the last few weeks and it all helps.

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Gotcha. I play fairly conservative, and like to use a healer per team when fighting war. For a rainbow 4* team:

#1: Wilbur, melendor, kiril, wu, and proteus.
#2: boldtusk, caedmon, grimm, Li, and rigard.

I should caveat that I do not use a specific “team” when fighting, but these are who I who level up first and then second. I create my team for each fight based on the skillset of my opponent.


Alright, thank you very much!

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Hi there. You have a nice selection of heroes. I’d check out the heroes rating guide and make your choices accordingly. I personally like Mitsuko. I don’t have her fully ascended yet, but her ice reflect and mana down have been nice in raids.

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