Advice on what team To work on First?

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Hi all, fairly new to the game here, been collecting a few heroes and am at the point where i have enough 4*/5* to render my 3* obsolete for my main team. But I do know i need them for challenge events/wars etc.
Just wondering which heroes (images attached) I should be looking to level first/ascend quickly, and which to not bother with/feed.
Also love to hear any tips you have for using EHT wisely/ dropping gems on event summons (prolly gonna do a 10x knights spin when it comes around :P)

Oh and bear in mind I’m aiming to be a C2P player, maybe occasionally spending on a good $30 offer but not looking to drop $$$ on this. (Currently SH13, have one TC13 running the 13 training and one TC11 running 11 to store recruits, lastly TC4 running flex for common/uncommon).

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:


Looking through your roster you’ve got some really good heroes to work with. I would max Wilbur, Boldtusk, Hansel, proteus, Grimm , Soyna, Rigard, Falcon, Melendor, finish wu kong and start on Li Xiu.

Hold those 5* back for a bit. I would also finish Kashwreck before starting Hansel. Once you use ascension materials I think it’s best to a least max the tier they are on.

5* when your ready to max them. Kage, Vivica, Evelyn and Frida. I would avoid feeding Horghall and obakan. Sartana, Richard, Victor, and Ranvir would be good to work on after the first 5* team is finished.


Thank you so much ! I took the time out and created a Alliance of my own to start working on my heroes only and to study more about the game , strategies and war. I will take your advice and start on your opinion which is helpful to me. Thanks once again!

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Agree, but yellow… after finish Wu Kong, I would max Jackal 1st, then finish Vivica to 3.70, then finish Chao to 3.60.

For EHT, I would focus stock for next december 2020, and maybe some couple try in next SpringVille, Sand of Empire and Halloween, if there are a good HOTM.


Just curious… Frida was out Mar 2019 thats about 8 months ago…should you still be new?

Anyway, as mentioned already, I will suggest you finish off ( max) as many rainbow Epic heroes in your roster.
I.e Boldtursk, Caedmon, Grimm, Wu, Proteus Rigard. Wilbur Kiril, 'Mel…Li Xiu etc get at least 4 sets maxed , then start on legendary if you have the Mats.


The OP has the two key Halloween heroes already :smile:

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Your right it was just the topic I came across and copied. I consider myself new to this game because I haven’t had the experience to take my time to study more behind the game to be a better player and hopefully one day give advice such as " Killen - Time " Who took the time out to explain his best advice. Thanks again for your advice and suggestions to help myself become more of a team player with small giant games or better known as Empires And Puzzles !

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My general advice is this:


4x rainbow 4* teams are 20, if I calculated correctly :wink:

Nothing to add, but I did it in 2 steps: first I brought my 4* to 3/60, then I decided in which order I max them, so I had some depth for wars…helped me a lot. Last year around the same time I started with QoH as my first 5*, but then stopped after reading that 4* advice on the forum :slight_smile: best advice, I always try to convince my alliance mates :smiley: oh and QoH is still on 3/70^^


Well, correct… OP has already Victor and Valeria (dup or triple Valeria is also good), but for me skip next Halloween, focus xMas to get chance for Buddy and Mother North.


Dunno what you’re talking about :wink:

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@AngelOfDark666 prefers to run most Epic heroes at 3/60 prior to deciding who gets the final ascension mats.

Lots of scattergun levelling going on…

Finish the ones you’ve spent mats on, whether great hero’s or not they might as well give you maximum bang for your mats.


  • Max Sumitomo - he’s okay rather than amazing, but you’ve spent blades and it’s a waste not to use them.
  • Max Kashhrek - he’s one of the best 4* defence team tanks but a fairly lame healer everywhere else… Still, maxed out he can help hold you in diamond so it’s worth finishing up.
  • Max Wu Kong - he’s awesome, great choice.

Push all your 5* that are on tier 3 to 3.70… and then leave them alone (no more putting feeders into 5* yet!!!), you’ll get much more utility from maxing a variety of good 4* first:

  • Wilbur is gamechanging
  • Proteus is gamechanging
  • Guardian Jackal and Guardian Falcon will increase your titan scores noticeably.
  • Hansel is very useful.
  • You lack healers… Kiril, Rigard and Boldtusk get used a lot, even when you have maxed 5* hero’s (I still use Rigard a lot, and I have Vivica at 4.80+1), you want to get all three of those done.

There’s several months work there to tidy up loose ends and start+finish some more hero’s that will really bring the best out of what you already have.


Oh wow great advice ! I was noticing the same things on lacking on healers and a solid source defense. That’s why I took a step back from Alliances and wanted to do some research on my own and grab some inputs and advice behind the scenes instead of keep playing and guessing which way to go by looking at top Alliances defenses and going in lvl20 + chat searching for advice.

Your absolutely right. I missed that jackal hiding in the roster.

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