Farming and TC strategies: Backpacks vs Rugged Clothes vs Recruits (Grab Bag)

I’ve done a lot of analysis on what makes various farming stages good for recruits, monsters, items, and whatever is on special in that province, and also the relative cost/benefit of various training center modes. I’ve never really farmed province 5 for backpacks after my team was high enough level to farm higher provinces. I know that some players (@Dante, didn’t you mention farming backpacks recently?) do things differently than I do, and I’m always curious about that. Possibilities I’m considering:

  • Farm 5-8 for backpacks. From what I’ve read, an active farming player can get enough backpacks and recruits keep the queue of one TC2 full, putting out 48 1*/2* heroes/day from that TC.
    (Presumably the second TC bounces between swords, rugged clothes, and TC11, the third runs TC20, and the final one is either TC11 or TC20)

  • Without farming 5-8, I find that I cannot keep a TC2 queue full, and alternate batches of backpacks, swords, rugged clothes, and TC11, depending what is available/etc. (Second running TC11, third running TC20, and fourth either TC11 or TC20)

  • Farm for good levels of recruits, items, and XP. (My current farming strategy) It started out as a mix of 8-7 and 12-9, 'till I decided I had a game-lifetime supply of both minor healing and common herbs, and my stockpile of crude iron was diminishing alarmingly quickly, so I moved to 6-8 instead of 8-7, still doing 12-9 for better XP and also oil, while still having acceptable recruits.
    Compared to farming for backpacks, I’d expect to be spending fewer recruits in my TCs but getting somewhere between 12 and 36 fewer 1*/2* heroes per day, depending upon how many backpacks I actually get.

  • Farm 7-7 for rugged clothes. Run batches when you have the materials, recruits, and food. (I’m not out of clothes yet, but I’m chewing through them pretty quickly.)
    If I do this, the backpacks I don’t get are effectively replaced with rugged clothes, so assuming I’ve got enough food and am recruit farming limited, each 10 recruits will produce 5 1* feeders worth 750xp vs two 1*/2* feeders worth an average 530xp compared to backpacks.

Early game, farming for backpacks would have produced more XP worth of feeders at a slightly higher food cost (compared to TC11 or TC4).

Later game, being able to run TC19, farming for rugged clothes appears to be the winner for growing heroes, albeit at even higher food cost. (Right now food is limiting how fast I can burn my stockpile of rugged clothes, but soon enough I’m sure food won’t be the limiting factor, especially as I upgrade my farms past 16)


This topic was gathering dust, but S2 is changing things a bit. While no place I’ve seen yet in S2 has as many recruits as S1 8-7 or 6-8, or even 7-7, there are levels that have more backpacks and more recruits than 5-8 does, and have some real promise as part of a farming strategy.

S2 1-7 Hard and 1-8 Hard look to be best for farming backpacks now if that’s what you want to do, 'tho the monster count/flag is really low for filling monster chests, so I’d probably combine it with something in the 3-flag zone like 7-4 (most monsters, otherwise meh), 7-7 for rugged clothes, or 8-7 or 6-8 for monsters and recruits.

Later provinces (S2 7-9) may also have good levels, although they’ve just opened up and I’ve not seen enough data from them yet to want to mention any level as being good yet.

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Thank you for the info! Just started running low on training supplies and this post has come in very handy

According to the ascension item tool tip, s2-1-x N/H has double chance of kits ( backpacks ) while s2-4-x N/H has double chance of Rugged clothes.

This agrees with your luck with kits ( backpacks ) in s2-1-7/8 H.

I need to learn Google Docs so I can enter all my season 2 data. like Mai did ( see “Top replies” linky, linky )

Common ( RT01 ) and Uncommon ( RT02 ) are terrible for XP per recruit ( see notes ).

Extra fast ( RT19 ) training is a great way to deal with the low XP per hour of Extra low cost ( RT11 ) since Extra fast is still way better in XP per recruit than Common or Uncommon.

Once you unlock Low cost, and Extra low cost, you can just store recruits there until you unlock Extra fast.

There are a lot of reasons to love s1-7-7 ( see links )

The Devs seem to make low provinces richer in recruits/ camp ascension materials and higher provinces richer in XP/ Food/ Iron/ rare ingredients. This appears to be a deliberate choice to make you choose between leveling your heroes in general ( Extra fast training, Elite training, Legendary training ) and challenge events ( bigger world energy bar per refill, more 3*/4* battle item resources- food & iron, & ingredients ).




Compared to 11, 19, or even 4, yes, they are terrible XP per recruit.

But they are much better in XP/day, since they run faster.

So If I can keep TC11 running but build up surplus recruits over time, spending them to get more feeder heroes makes sense to me. (After keeping TC11x3 full)

Currently I’m using all my recruits, all my rugged clothes, all my backpacks, and am working down through my surplus of swords.

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To be specific, the tool tip says “greater chance” not double.

I’ve done some data analysis. It looks like in S1, that does mean double. In S2, the data is telling me Normal levels are double, and Hard levels are triple.

There is a large loot data collection project I’m a part of … PM me @ LineID barrywuzhere if you are interested in seeing it or working on it.


Your not wrong.

I have 2659 kits ( backpacks ) which gets me 861,516 Hero XP using Uncommon training ( RT02 ). The same recruits get me 1,196,550 Hero XP using Extra fast ( RT19 ) or 335,034 more Hero XP.

I have 2961 swords which gets me 532,980 Hero XP using Common training ( RT01 ). The same recruits get me 1,332,450 Hero XP using Extra fast ( RT19 ) or 799,470 more Hero XP.


Some heroes are good, some suck, most are average.

Because 4*/5* summons are such low odds, I am happy to run Extra low cost ( RT11 ) x3 camps to store recruits and get the most XP per recruit until I get better heroes. This still means I need to get 122 recruits per day ( I am also running Legendary training ( RT20 ) for 4* heroes and 24.7 million food in storage ).

Whenever I have extra food, I switch the third Extra low cost ( RT11) to Extra fast ( RT19 ) for 120 minutes, since 1* heroes are great for +skill roll, it’s the second best XP per recruit, and it is 66.6 times more XP per hour than Extra low cost ( RT11 ).

I practically live in s1-7-7 ( Rugged clothes ), occasionally crossing the border to visit s1-8-7 to fill my Wanted Monsters mission chest.

I understand some people in my position might give up 335,034 Hero XP to use Uncommon training and 799,470 Hero XP to use Common training but I am just not getting good 4*/ 5* heroes fast enough to justify to myself the lost Hero XP.

Some recruit training is good ( looking at you Extra fast ), some sucks ( looking at you Advanced Dark/ Advanced Ice, such a waste of Rugged clothes ), but most are average.

I tried Line, not my favorite app. Is there another social app you use?

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Let me damn Line with faint praise: It has some really good things going compared to (almost any other chat client)…

  1. Stickers :rofl:
  2. Aside from the Seven Days _____ family of alliances, nearly all the E&P players.
  3. (…crickets as you wait for me to add another item)

The data collection project I’m referring to is done in Line, despite any and all deficiencies in Line as a tool for the job, so you can’t really participate without using Line. (Results are in Google Sheets, at least; it isn’t THAT bad!)

I’m also findable by phone, sms, whatsapp, FB messenger, email, 'tho I’d rather not put my contact info out here publicly. I also occasionally check discord, but I don’t use it much, and don’t even know how to tell you to find me there :rofl: :laughing: :scream:

Good choice there. Somehow my plans of being a free or cheap player kinda went away, and the net result is that I’ve got PLENTY of heroes hoarded that I can level up if I have feeders, so I’m in the opposite situation of you–I’m not even running TC20 'cuz I’m wanting to keep my TCs hard at work cranking out feeders as fast as possible to level up the heroes I do have.

In your shoes, if what you have to level up gets err…sketchy enough…you might want to switch to one TC11 and 3x TC20 until your TC20’s spit out somebody you want to level up, and then you can put your surplus rugged clothes / swords / backpacks to good work. (Note: If you are in a strong food surplus, AND you only have 1-2 heroes worth leveling up, the case for using TC4-9 to target your one hero looks … err … possibly worth doing despite the inefficiency intrinsic in it, no matter how much it hurts you!)

==Leveling heroes==

All my wealthier friends do huge amounts of summons, so they use duplicate 3*/ 4*/ 5* heroes for feeding. Solves the whole problem with Extra low training ( RT11 ) only generating 162 Hero XP per hour per camp.

==Duplicate 4*==

I have all the good 4* heroes from Legendary training.

I am currently leveling duplicate 4* heroes to 4* 3.60 for war ( finally got my second Rigard ) and double/ triple strong color.

If not for war, and double/ triple strong color, I would be running Guaranteed rare ( RT12 ) to store food.


Just summoned green 4* Hansel so I leveled him to 4* 3.60, probably taking him to 4* 4.70 because his special skill is just so useful. Just summoned yellow 4* Jackal.

I keep waffling about leveling Thoth-Amon and Perseus to 5* 3.1 since I don’t have many 4* ascension items. I will probably wait and see what the skill tree/ hero buff does to them.

==Hero pool 5* Legendary training==

Not excited about any 5* special skill from Legendary training except Joon ( got ), Obakan ( my wife’s first summons from Legendary training ), Magni ( I have seen him in the wild ).

So even with 4x Legendary training, odds of getting Obakan or Magni are not that great.

Knowing my luck, I would get them from Legendary training then pull a duplicate from reflect green event / Atlantis summons.

Is this similar to “Come to the Dark side. We have cookies !” ?

Might have to download Line app this weekend.

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Come to the dark side. We have STICKERS!!!


@Gryphonknight, it looks like I have failed to get you over to the dark side with Line. Can I find you in another chat app? I’ve got many of the “normal” ones plus I bit the bullet and installed discord, 'tho I can’t figure out how to find anybody in it yet.


Let me download it right now.

Not sure how to PM on Discord. Mostly use it for Pokemon GO raid & rare quest notifications.

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You need the user tag to add people.

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Add each other as friends, can pm after that. Abut easier to add a user if both of you are on a same server, but you can also add directly if you know his id.

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S1 5-8 for Backpacks must be broken. I burned through all my world energy farming S1, 5-8, 8-7, and 15-8 and got like 3 total. 8-7 is great for recruits, but sucks for XP. 5-8 is even worse for XP, but was worth it for the low energy (3) cost and high rate for backpacks. 15-8 is great for boots and higher XP and with ok recruits and mild qty’s of backpacks, it was worth the higher energy cost (5).

Maybe I’m having some s*** luck, but I am CONSTANTLY low on backpacks and have a million swords, but trying to use 1* feeders on higher level heroes is expensive food-wise. I try to match colors on leveling to increase the odds of special skill upgrades, so it’s a slow process. I’ve read some interesting strategies on this thread and hoping someone might steer me in the right direction here.

I’m level 24 and have 3 camps. 2 of them constantly run TC11, while the other runs TC2 when possible or TC11 when I’m out of backpacks. Maybe switch to TC1 and burn through the swords? Just wind up spending so much food and recruits that way.

I have some great 4* heroes that have hit a mat wall at 3^60. I have some nice 5* I could level, but food is always kinda scarce. Focusing on 3* heroes and other 4* heroes is kinda where I’m at right now, but that keeps my teams maxed out around 3000, which makes raid match-making expensive and frustrating.

open to suggestions.

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Everyone was in same boat , its a game of patience everything will come in time theres no cheat code play regularly and youll get what you need eventually , gl

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I’d stop using backpacks now, Just open another tc11. This what I’d do your best option is atlantis rises farm as much as possible I prefer 1-2 but others may disagree.
Id save the backpacks from that and then do the same at the next Atlantis.
Then id start a full time tc2 or as much as possible you can do.
The tc11 you need to sawp to a tc2 make sure it runs out as AR finishes, put all your recuits during AR into your tc11 and then you can sawp them into your new tc2 (get food back on that)
Should get you a steady amount of backpacks so a full time tc2 is possible…

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good call on just switching all 3 to TC11. I’ll miss steady pace of feeders, but I’ll use TC11 to bank all the recruits until I can get some backpacks again. Too Bad S1 5-8 seems to have stopped giving backpags. I’ve gone through entire energy flasks with that stage and only a few backpacks lately. sheesh.

I remember killing it on backbacks with S2 1-8 during Atlantis rises with the lower energy cost. Without AR, 10 World Energy per shot is too much.

Good luck the time waiting and saving be worth it to get a steady backpack farm going constantly.
Also save your we flasks for AR that’s where there most vaule.

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