Ice hero ascension

Hi everyone! I finally got a Damascus blade in what has to be months! Who would you all level?

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I don’t have any of them. I would go with Ariel though.

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I would go Athena for first blue 5* 100%.i would choose Athena as a first 5* over most of the e&p heroes.shes one of the top heroes.then Ariel then Magni then Misandra then Alice


I was leaning towards athena or ariel!

Thank you for the advice!

Ariel. Best healer in game. Easy decision

Lol the last two comments say easy decision and then name the opposite hero. Such a tough call

But Ariel is the best healer in the game :wink:

Athena is a great defense down hero but it is a common special across many heroes many ways.

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Athena -> Ariel -> Misandra -> Alice -> Magni

Who you level first kind of comes down to who needs to stay Alive the most and helps you win -

Figure all of them are 8/8

Some can have specials filled in by other colors or 4*

Athena is a crazy card.

Ariel is Rigard with a mana buff, she can hang at 3/70 and still be passive… healers arent t exactly rare, and her buff works fine at 3.70.

Misandra can tear things up, and gains from more levels.

Alice has a cool buff, but can hang at 3/70 and other hitters exist.

Magni is a great card - but his buff is available on others… a lot of others… might not be as strong; but you can always dry your tears with wilbur

Go basically choose between Athena or Ariel; based on how screwed you are if they die :slight_smile:


Also for me the best 5* healer in the game is Kunchen.Apart his slow speed he does so much.That said Ariel is the second best healer and a great hero but i still say Athena

If you are looking for versatility and a hero with great synergy, then I’d go with Ariel. She is the best healer in the game, but she is also the only one in that group that gives a 24% mana boost to the ENTIRE team.

If you had Frida, I would say Athena, but you don’t, so Ariel is probably your best bet. To help others assist you though, you may want to showcase your other fully ascended 5*'s.

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you need to focus on Defense first in aw or watchtower , it would be Misandra or Ariel. if you got healer in other color than pick Misandar , if not then go with Ariel. somehow i dont really into Athena , she is great at 3-70

I have Frida. Just haven’t started leveling her. My first 2 5star ice heroes are alasie and king arthur

If you want to see my other heroes then here you go:


With your heroes, I’d probably go with Athena. You have enough healers.


Athena then Ariel. Guin can be your primary healer on defense right now

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You already have Blue sniper. That makes Magni, Alice and Misandra less of a priority.

Already have maxed 5* healers. That would make Ariel less of a priority.

Thus, Athena might be best.

On the other hand, both Ariel and Athena are the buff/debuff type of specials which are good enough on 3.70. Those snipers benefit much more from being on the last ascension. Especially that you have that Arthur there for Blue stacks.

But with such wide roster, I think most of people could take advices from you and not vice versa. I don’t think I’d be disappointed with any of these.

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I would have said Athena or Ariel but after looking at your line up of healers i would go Athena. Then Ariel next when you can.

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I would also go with Ariel, her healing is awesome.

@Xero786 put out on the 7D Discord chat that he thinks Ariel is the best hero in the game. But I also agree that Ariel at 3/70 gives all of her special bonus (albeit with kess normal attack and less def/health).

Athena is just so good. There is no other hero that has anywhere near the % -def reduction: -63% atmax (and paired with Delilah and her minions, you can get to max very quickly).

This big number has an even bigger impact than it may first seem. Suppose for example that you have Drake (Atk=727, 270% special) attacking Sartana (def=700):

  • without -def, the expected damage is 100*(727*2.7 / 700)^1.35 = 402
  • with Grimm’s -34% -def, you get 100*(727*2.7 / 700*(1-0.34))^1.35 = 703
  • with Athena’s max -63% -def, you get 100*(727*2.7 / 700*(1-0.63))^1.35 = 1,539

While other heroes have a nice -def debuff, there’s none in the same class as Athena, all in a robust 5* package.


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