Who to ascend Ariel or C. Magni

I have Alice, Issarnia and Vela as my fully ascended 5* blue heroes. I also have a fully ascended Poseidon and near fully levelled Atomos from Atlantis family.

Both are worthy Ariel is the best cleanser in the game
C magni is awesome and u must hve defense down hero for offense

I will go magni first
I leveled Ariel before Athena who is awesome defense down hero and kinda was annoying step

As you already have Issamia for defense down, i would go with Ariel

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Iā€™d go ariel best 5* healer imo as pointed you have issarnia aswell ariel mana boost will help with her plus doing the other atlantis family always nice to have a bit of bonus.


Ariel is two heroes in one.

C.Magni is one hero and a costume.

Both good but few heroes heal, cleanse, AND boost mana 24%.


Ariel then magni. Both are awesome

Ariel, as you already have a sniper and a defense down.

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