Ice Help Please

I have Izzy, Ariel, Alice, Vela, Thorn, Missandra, and Skadi at 3/70. I finally got my last telescope from the latest quest…Who do I Ascend? My heart tells me Ariel but I don’t want to waste my mats. Please advise.

How’s the rest of your roster look? Are you looking for someone on defense or offense? Healer, sniper, tank, etc?

Hard to answer…I as always want offence. I have Frieda maxed. Lots of 4* blue hitters maxed. No other blue healers…only dedicated healers I have leveled are SabIn a and Melendor…Vicica is at 1/1…Just pulled her.

Ariel, if you want a very fine healer that boosts the mana generation of all allies.

Vela, if you want a decent AOE hero that deals DoT.

Alice, if you want a fine sniper that also debuffs.

Any of the above is not a waste of scopes as you will find yourself maxing them later or soon.

Thorn, one of classic heroes with tons of negative reviews and comments.

Missandra, meh sniper with meh chain.

Skadi, confusing special skill.

Isarnia, high tile damage but is so squishy and is slow.

Of all the heroes enumerated, I only have Ariel (maxed), Vela (maxed) and Thorn (untouched). So, take it with a grain of iodized salt.

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I think I am going to ascend Ariel…I’ll start saving telescopes again for Vela. Thank you.


Great choice - Ariel is hard to beat, and has so many uses!

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Go for Ariel, Alice, or Vela…

If you lack healers, Ariel is your girl.
If you want more offensive power, the other two are great choices.

Btw… in my opinion, Thorne and Frida work very well together, but he isn’t a very popular hero.

I love Vela as a flank. She’s my go-to and I finally got her emblemed a bit😊

Also, people beat up on Thorne a lot, but I really like him. Sometimes I use him as a tank in color stacks.

Honestly, I’d toss a coin. I have Vela maxed and emblemed and would love to have Ariel. It’s a no lose situation

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Vale and kick tail even at 3-70 but 5* healers need to be maxed to be truly effective. Goes along the rule of max your def hero’s and can settle for 3-70 for offensive hero’s

Ariel is fantastic, but also heals well enough at 3^70 - depending on the Titans you’re fighting, that may be good enough to wait a bit.

If you’re running a green tank in raids or wars, Vela is so complementary they had to nerf her… and she’s still great.

This is completely the opposite of how players should approach picking who to ascend.

But it’s often how they do.

Defence does next to nothing to help you get more ascension materials.
Attack does far more.

As far as getting further in less time, it’s a no brainer to max the heroes that add the most to your offensive capabilities - whether they’re healers, AoE, DoT or snipers.

Vela is good everywhere but best at defence…

Ariel is arguably the best healer in the game - she’s a no-brainer here for me, especially if it’s a first 5* ascension.

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But defence shouldn’t be the priority… Maybe at 20 maxed 5* heroes it’s okay to start thinking about ascending for defence - but the first couple in each colour absolutely not.

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I get ahead of myself having played for so long… I forget that priorities are very different early on.

Ariel is the best choice here.

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I think this threw me off ^ Who has that kind of choices for their FIRST blue?!?!?!

Not me… I went 7 months before I found my first 5.

Game on!

Not my first Blue 5*…Frida was my first maxed 5* ice or otherwize… my first 4* was Grimm and I have been flooded with Ice heros since.

Thank you, @BubblesUK for articulating something I have been feeling for a while but hadn’t quite crystalized for me.

IMO defense is less fun – since I don’t get to watch it. I really don’t mind losing defense raids overnight, as I love revenge (I get to fill my wanted chest and – until they change the rules to allow it – do so without the risk of being re-revenged myself).

A good array of heroes to raid with (along with some raiding know-how) improves one’s ability to raid and enables one to be more successful in tourneys and events. As you’ve pointed out, that’s where the predictable loot is.