Ice Ascension

I wanted to make a pretty little poll but errr… I couldn’t figure out how.
Sooo… if you had the following roster, with enough 5* mats to max your first Blue, would you pick one of the following options:
C. Ariel
Aegir (thinking not)
Richard (double no)
Or! Would you just let them sit and use the available cloaks on maxing out another 4*.
I only have four compass/glove sets so trying to make them count. Currently leveling Xnophod, Congalach, Boldtusk, finishing Griffin and… (?) Blue hero.
TIA :two_hearts:

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I would max c.Sonia before working on 5*, c.Ariel is absolutely amazing and should be first 5* choice.

Also you can make polls here:

  • Iris
  • C.Ariel
  • Aegir
  • Richard
  • Wait

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The only argument I see against C.Ariel is that you have Xnolphod. But she’s one of the top three heroes you have in general regardless of element.

This is exactly what had me waivering. I feel kind of silly that 2 of my first three 5s would then be healers. :thinking: But maybe having solid healing would elevate my 4s

It’s C Ariel and then Iris when you have mats for another. By then you could easily have a better blue.


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I would make sure to have at least three 4* blue fully ascended before moving to 5*. It will help you in all aspect of the game: progressing in map, events, and getting mats. In fact, for me three 3* first then three 4* in each colour is a bare minimum. Then for 5* i would go with Ariel.

I am a player that used healer play style. I punch above my weight and I always bring 2 healer per attack team. So in my case, to have at least one healer in each colour was a priority.


I have Kiril, you’d add Sonya and (??) before I level Ariel?

Yeah, that’s good advice. Sonya is a taunter’s work nightmare and she’s fast mana

Okay, done I went for it. Sonya and her costume ascended, the hunt for cloaks begins anew :smile:

I am one of those (crazy) people that thinks you can never have enough healers :smiley: So having both Xno and C Ariel is great. Anyway, unless you have more than 6 5* healers (at least one per every war team), I truly think you are safe maxing C Ariel who is one of the best healers in the game

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I like either Zila Lei (because def down will also be useful on titan) or Sapphire (but it’s a hero a don’t have, so I don’t know her well). Also, if you ever got your hand on 3* Nordri, he is a must to ascend, emblem et LB.

Kiril and Sonya are also hero that you can limit break (LB) without second thought. They will be very useful for a very long time.

Got him :blush: these are my 3* gang

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@Chenowyn I did focus on your blue heroes, but I just notice that you have Rigard and Gullibursti. As I said I use a lot of healer, and they would also be in my priority list. I remember how disappointed when I pulled Gullibursti because he was slow, but OMG, he was such a game changer!

Ooh that’s good to know, I think I have the mats for a blue LB

So many nice heroes you got, wow :heart_eyes:

I too would pick Sonya, she´s still in my team today, and I use her all the time. Her regular version more than her costumed one, but I use them both very often. She was one of my first to LB and fully emblem recently too.

I tend to only feed 2* to five star heroes and 1* to four and three star heroes, but just trying to make the most of what I have - I´m always out of food. But in case you find it hard to wait with levelling up that amazing Ariel :blue_heart:

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I went for it :partying_face: Sonya on her way to be maxed. Emblems will be a process, she’s in line after maxed Franz.
I may start Ariel after. Leveling them up takes for ever, who knows I may have the mats for her again by the time she needs them.
Also playing with the idea of giving Motega my last glove/compass set now that he’s a pseudo healer.