Ascension help ice

So can someone help me out a little.

Should I max second Ariel, Misandra or Glenda? Current maxed ice heroes are Alice, Ariel, Magni and Vela.
I’m leaning on Misandra cause she would play well together with Ariel, but I’m not sure about her.

I will go for misandra. For war having two blue healer can be a bonus but today with those green tanks at any place that’s hard to use blue heroes. I have ascended Glenda to replace aegir in my main blue team (kiril, frida, aegir, magni, grimm) and I’m not seeing any benefits. Glenda increases cs but I still have to fire frida and grimm before so once I can fire her my cs are gone.
Misandra is a good offensive hero, not a shining one or OP as scadi but she’s doing the job.

If it was my account, I would hold on to those scopes and wait for a better one in the future, i.e. Finley, Cobalt, etc. And while doing so, build up your 3* and 4* army of heroes to improve you in the other facets of the game. No one is requiring us to max all the heroes we have and this game is not about just leveling more heroes, but smart and wise maxing of very good ones to aid you in your gaming experience and play. You can read a lot of posts scattered in this forum regretting using ascension mats on a hero when a better one landed on their lap out of free pulls or least number of gems used when summoning not soon after ascending a previous hero. The portals arrive every now and then and one of those may net you a very good one.

But that’s just me and just my 2 cents.

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Ariel unless you have a better healer than her

Glenda with hands down! I have similar heroes with you in addition Finley and Glenda give me great satisfaction when I use her! But I will agree with Ultra that it does not matter how many heroes you will raise as long as you choose them smartly

Yes this is what I will do. I don’t see the one’s I have necessary as bad options, but I don’t really see them as necessary either.

This is true, I have done it with one hero, I almost never use.

Well, i am not really saying you will only use scopes on Finley and Cobalt. There are other heroes that should be basic in their roster. You already have snipers in Alice and Magni and you have a hit-all hero in Vela. And Ariel is one of the best healers in the game. What you need now are elemental and regular defense debuffers. You will and you should ascend and max these heroes without hesitation: Frida or King Arthur, Athena or costumed Magni or Isarnia and costume. Miki is superb. Lord Loki would be nice. Krampus is also nice. Skadi is nice, too.

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Between the heroes you have go with Glenda! She’s a solid!

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