Ascension Help... Finley, Ariel, or Another?

6 scopes, too many blue heroes LOL
Torn between Ariel and Finley as my next blue hero to max. Here is my current maxed roster below, and my unleveled blues are
Finley, Ariel, Frida, Aegir, Alice, Snow White, Misandra, Isarnia, Vela and I’m pulling for Alasie. Thanks in advance for the advice : )

I think you do not have 5* healer, Alby is slow, LotL is not yet maxed and slow, so Ariel IMO.


For me it is out of Vela, Finley and Ariel

Vela is stealthy good and her dot stacks with everyone

Finley is just OP, good hit and with buffs on the enemy its like a win button

Ariel would be close to best healer in the game, if not the best

I think @jinbatsu has it right for your list though


Wow, you have one heck of a roster! Congrats! Ariel is the best healer and Finley just might be the best hero in the game. Tough choice, but you do lack healers. I’d go Ariel here.

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Without Telluria Vela is good but not great. I don’t see Telluria in his roster, so I’d say she’s out.

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I do have Telluria, but she isn’t leveled at all and I don’t have tonics just yet for her.

Thank you @Rduke77


You’re right, Vivica and Kunchen are also slow. The only other healer that’s not slow that I have is the Ratatskor squirrel but I don’t have tonics and I’m taking Telluria up first

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Well, that might change things if you’re looking for a solid defense. Telluria flanked by Vela is a nasty, NASTY combo.

Does the Ariel/Poseidon/Ursena trio work pretty good?

Yes, if it’s Ariel-Ursena (tank)-Poseidon. Ursena is still an A+ tank IMO.

It sounds like Ariel is the smartest choice for me at the moment, and I just need to get 6 more scopes ASAP for Finley/Vela

First world problems. I use Ariel, Urs and Possy for war and they do well.

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@Rduke77 when I get tonics for Telly that will definitely be my next scheduled combo.

Personally — I’d choose Ariel because I can take her anywhere, she helps everyone, and the sooner she’s leveled — the sooner she gets emblemed.

I say this knowing there’s a lot of mana batteries and fast healers being introduced. Too many good healers isn’t a complaint I hear often :slight_smile:

Finley and Vera would be a close second; but at the end of the day — they’re going to be awesome only until the next cool damage hero is introduced with who knows what power creep attached. It’s just much easier to get damage than 5* average heals / cures

I look at it like. Eating your veggies before desert

But there isn’t a bad choice —

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In my honest opinion, if you are going to max your Telluria anytime soon then I would level Vela now as a starting point. The two would be huge in your defence team.
Otherwise it’s a choice between Ariel and Finley and for me I would go with Ariel.
Good luck

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