I need some help with my team. (have a lot of heroes)

Hiya, so I have been told a lot of different things about what heroes to pick. I would just like to know what heroes I should start and or stop leveling.

My offense team in order is, Boldtusk, Wu Kong, Magni (or sonya depending if needed), Little John, Rigard

My defense team in order is, Rigard, Magni, Kashrek, Li Xiu, Little John

I would like to know when I should start to level a war team as well. I would like to replace Little John with Peters on my offense team.

Id recommend:

  1. Level up a solid rainbow 3* team. You have not kept your 3* to date it seems. I’d start. Bane, Balthazar, Nashgar are good. Be on the lookout for Belith or Brienne. Valen or Ulmer will help for Blue but take what you get. 3* are fast to level and will get you good raid/quest and titan results fastest

  2. Next focus on 4* rainbow team. You have what you need for this. I’d focus on Boldtusk, Grimm, Wu, Rigard and LJ or Peters. You don’t have most of the materials you need to ascend anyone and a 3/60 4* is better than a 2/60 5*. When you get enough 3* ascension items a maxed 4/70 4* hero is almost always better than a 3/70 5* and is way faster and cheaper to get.

I’d probably continue with a 2nd wave of 4* heroes after that - Kiril, Kashrek/LJ/Peters, Li Xiu, Scarlett, and whatever purple walks in :wink:

Once you collect 4-5 telescopes, I’d get Alasie up ASAP. But that’s likely a few months away at least and you’ll have the rest of these heroes maxed by then.

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I have all of those 3* i just havnt leveled them

Well then you’re ahead of the game :wink:

is the hero of the month any good? I just got her and Hu TOa today

Why should I level my 3*. I only need them for events and wars

She is awesome but you aren’t ready for her yet. You will need 8 Warm Capes and 6 Telescopes along with a Compass and a Tome of Tactics that you don’t have in order to ascend her to the 4th tier. By the time you collect all that stuff you will be ready for her and you will have a kickin’ team to support her.

Level 3* heroes first because:

  1. They are cheaper and faster to max out than 4/5* heroes so you will compete at higher levels more quickly
  2. You will use them for a very long time for bench depth which you need for Alliance Wars as well as when you double colors in Titan fights, raids, and even some map levels.

I have 18 maxed 3* on my bench. I am slowly phasing them out with maxed 4/5* heroes but I’m 8 months in, level 41 and still use these heroes.

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ok, what are the best 3* and best 3* team?

what heroes shoould I be looking 4

No easy answer but I’d suggest you poke around the forums a bit for your answers:

Are good starting points.

Different heroes are good for different events, different bosses, and different titans. I gave suggestions based on your current line-up in my first reply.

Oh and if you haven’t yet, join a solid teaching alliance. That is your best bet for individual advice :slight_smile:


@hazard has given you excellent advice! I’m in to this game the same length. I was frustrated waiting for ascension items with 4* I couldn’t level that I focused on. @Kerridoc gave fantastic advice on building a strong 3* rainbow team, then strong 4* rainbow team before even attempting 5*

I would build the staple 3* heros first. IMO they are Brienne, Belith , Bane, Balthazar, Nashgar, hawk moon, valen. I have 11 on my roster and still use them, mostly only for challenge events now, but that’s because I have almost 3 fully levelled 4* teams. On my alt account I haven’t even touched my 4* or my only 5* Delilah, I’m building my 3* roster. It’s better to fight with fully levelled 3* then partially levelled 4’s and you need to collect more ascension items.

You have some fantastic 4* heros, I would level Bold Tusk first and you have the items for him. Then Grimm, Wu, Rigard, Peters and Sonya. You will be very competitive with a solid 4* rainbow team. I am often top 3 in my alliance in Titans with my 4*'s over people with partial 5*

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