Yet another set of questions about what to do

Hey Everyone,

Dropping in again to see if I might get some more guidance on what I should do right now. Confirming what I should do for a defense team and what I used as my “normal” offense/attack team. Here are the heroes I currently have:

For my current defense, I do Grimm - Rigard – Wu Kong – Bold Tusk – Caedmon. Is there a “better” option out there I’m missing? E.g. should i swap Wu Kong for Li Xiu?

My “normal” attack team when working on a screen is Bold Tusk – Grimm – Evelyn – Caedmon – Melendar. I appreciate that it will depend on the makeup of the enemy, but just throwing it out there for everyone’s thoughts.

I’m currently just going the super cheap route for training heroes and then leveling Red - Khagen, Blue - Richard, Purple - Dominitia, Yellow – second Li Xiu and Green – Skittleskull. Should I pick a different hero to raise?

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I’d swap Li for Wu. But if you keep him, NEVER us Wu as a tank. He’ll get smashed before he can even get a move off. Rigard, BT and Grimm are fine choices. Make sure you focus on the heros you really need. You have a lot of people half leveled up and that doesn’t do much for a team.


Good heroes.

I agree with the poster above, wu is not for defense.

I recommend
Rigard, Grimm, boldtusk,Li, Scarlett

Then work on replacements for them as you can. You can swap Evelyn and Caedmon in for Scarlett and see which one holds onto trophies better.

As for offense I would recommend leveling kiril and soyna. Both are very good on offense. Boril is helpful for killing the bosses on the map and in trials. I don’t use skittleskull or kashrek some other opinions on them will be more beneficial.


Don’t use Wu Kong as a tank, he’s too flimsy for that role.

I would go with this team for defense:

Caedmon | Boldtusk | Li Xiu | Grimm | Scarlett

You can do Rigard instead of Boldtusk for the color synergy instead. Personally I prefer Boldtusk though, because his attack boost is more threatening to the attacker than Rigard’s cleanse.

Li Xiu is one of the best 4* tanks imo. She’s a meat-shield with decent durability, and her mana cut delays the entire attacking team to give your team more time to charge their skills.


A defence which kept me in platinum until I advanced to diamind was:
Rigard Li Boril BT Caedmon

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See, this is why I asked… ok, swapped out Wu for Li.

With defense, it’s still good to go multiple on a specific color? I didn’t think that would really help since you’re not attacking with tiles while on defense.

And for the half leveled up heroes, because of the way I train heroes, I typically concentrate on one color in one training facility, go “cheap” on two others while running the last one as Legendary. With this, there is one hero (currently Khagen) I concentrate on until I max them out. Because I can’t get enough materials to always train just one color, I have to do the “Cheap” builds and will use those other colors with a specific hero in that color. Quite a few heroes are stuck at the 3rd ascension because I don’t have all the materials to get them to 4th.

A Boril tank in a maxed half decent 4* team will pretty much guarantee you platinum. He’s a better tank than Li imo. Try it out.

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Most people recommend a rainbow defense. I think it’s best. As long as you don’t sacrifice strength or special abilities to do so.

And I’m pretty solidly in Platinum for raids. I do ok on defense. When I attack, I usually win - I will reroll until I get a “blue” party since my current favorite configuration uses 3 green heroes.

My wife alternate between BT and Li as tanks and she holds 2200 cups. She tends to be attacked much less with Li as tank
She runs Caed - Bt/Li - BT/Li - Gormek - Hel 3/70
You have a pretty decent roster by the way, wish you the best in finding the required mats :grin:

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Li as tank for sure. Took me consistently to 2000-2200 trophies

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I agree with @Inigo for the team. Boril is IMO your best tank until get a 5* that’s better I run a similar team

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