Select and level best offense and defense team with given heros and leveling advice

I am looking for advice how to setup the best:
Defense Team
Offense Team
Leveling advice on the next heros

I have the following maxxed heros at my disposal:

Rigard 4.70 (4* Mana Troop)
Kashrek 4.70+9
Li Xiu 4.70+13
Boril 4.70+9 (4* Crit Troop)
Boldtusk 4.70+10
Grimm 4.70+9

My current rainbow team consists of the following hero setup:
Rigard, Boldtusk, Boril, Kashrek, Li Xiu

Additionally i have the following heros:
5* Obakan 2.60
4* Danzaburo 3.60
4* Chao 3.60
4* Gormek 3.60
4* Ameonna 3.60
4* Sumitomo 3.60
4* Colen 3.60

Additional heros waiting to be leveled:
5* Magni
4* Agwe
4* Sonya
4* Gadeirus
4* Gobbler
4* Kelile
4* Wilbur
4* Chao (2x)
4* Danzaburo

Looking for advice how I can setup the best defense and offense team utilizing these heros.
Also recommendations on leveling heros next. I think i am in need of some heavy hitters therefore looking at leveling Magni.

at the moment I am working on
2nd Chao
Magni or Sonya

I have enough mats to level each color 4* to max or a 5* to lvl3.
AM mats status:
4xDamascus Blades
4xTomes of Tactics
5xTrap Tools

I am gonna finish Atlantis seasons 2 on hard in the upcoming weeks + morolova whhcih should get me to more 4AM and 3AM

Gonna pull 2 EHT on Season Event but i do not expect much.

You’ve got good heroes to work with. Your rainbow team has too much heal and not enough hit, to make a good defense team.

Maybe try Rigard, boril, kashrek, Grimm , Li for your defense for now.

I would work on leveling Wilbur, Gaderius, Soyna chao and Magni (when you get about 5 scopes). Then Sumitomo or Kelile.

Next months HOTM would be a good yellow to throw those darts at. Hope you pull her.

Good luck

My current main rainbow team that i have gone through the map with has had Rigard and Sonya on it for a long time…i also am not to the point where im stacking 5 mono colors in raids like some of the more loaded players are but i can beat guys around 3500 power pretty consistently so thats my level of expertise on the subject . So with Rigard you get a status ailment cleanser…a rare trait that only 3 heroes i know of have…Vivica, Rigard, and the new hero Snow white who actually dispells buffs and status ailments. So Sonya dispells buffs and does pretty decent damage. Combining Sonya and Rigard you can negate basically anything they do to you or to themselves, this is pretty invaluable and hard to win consistently without. Wukong goes off, sonya shuts that down, boril or cyperian goes off, hit a hero not reflected and shut that down…colen goes off, azlar, proteus on and on and on and rigard cleans it up…now for your other 3 spots…Li Xu is a pretty good tank, shes got a lot of health and shes usually going to go off before they get their specials off, this will help your team get theirs first on defense…offensively i would go with chao…so now we need a red and green. Red i would go with kelile she does good damage and the burn after is a plus…i have Wilbur at 3^60 hes ok dont get me wrong but hes got me in a pickle at times too…the shared damage on your end of a raid is a plus, but the opponents side of it can suck because you may have a hero about to go off you need to get rid of that doesnt have a whole lot of health and even if you have a special to use on them theyre going to share the damage with all of their allies as well so you may still get hit. Now defensively he may be a good choice thats up to you. Green i would go with gadierius…he hits, has good health and heals so youre not just depending on rigard like i do.

So IMO defensive line up in order


Two fast mana heavier hitters on the outside so they wont need as much hits to go off. Two healers flanking so they do get hit enough to go off, LiXu in the middle to slow the enemies mana.

Offense order doesnt matter obviously

Wilbur for SURE, Magni, Obakan,