I need some help with hero synergy

I need some help with synergy
What team would you guys use as defense? My team doesn’t seem to do as well as I think it should in raids. What team would you guys run?

Now that’s an amazing roster!


It seems like it should be but I barely can stay in diamond. I must be doing something wrong

The order I usually run is Poseidon, Ursena, Black Knight, Kingston, Ariel

Looking for options that only use your maxed heroes… ?

Does your alliance run a unified tank color?

Actually looking for what I can run now and what I can work towards for the future. My alliance doesn’t coordinate much



I was considering replacing Ariel with another hitter


… that’s an awful lot of snipe. :thinking:

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Ursena - Kingston - Black Knight - Heimdall - Poseidon

Too slow, double greens…easily exploited.

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Do Black Knight and Heimdall stack?

BTW…I also have enough resources to max out 1 hero- limited because only 1 tomb. So either a dark like Clarissa, Blue like Vela, or a yellow like Onatel. Still short rings and tonics so can’t max a green or red yet

Ariel, Ursena, BK, Kingston, Poseidon is what would try

Love Bk at flank so I offer


Flip Poseidon and Ariel of you like the purple and yellow neighbors but I prefer Ariel flanking too.


I thought this too… but three average heroes right up front might lend itself to being an easy target.

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Seshat - Ariel - BK - Kingston - Poiseidon

You could go with

Poseidon - BK - Heimdall - Vela - Jabberwocky

You would have a fast team and you wouldn’t have conflicts with leveling resources or emblems.

Is there a reason that you don’t put Ariel next to BK to get the blue splash?

Also, what level troops do you have? Mana or critical?

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