Best possible defense team please give your wisdom!

I’m hoping to get some advice for my best possible defense team. This a long term goal for a team I can raise out of the heros I have. Please give me your opinions! Thank you!

current defence advice

Based on what you got levelled right now:
Tarlak - Hel - Delilah - Sartana - Marjana

Problem is that your 5* heroes are too passive. Virtually no hitters in there… I opted for the dual purple as if I put in a Blue hero, you only got Ariel which makes 3 healers. Same reasoning for leaving Kunchen off…

Future Team

Kingston - Queen of Hearts - Kunchen - Joon/Poseidon - Magni/Arthur

  • QoH is a pain to be flank.
  • Can put MoNo in the wing but of you do, change your tank to a hitter rather than another healer.
  • Neither Magni nor Arthur are best suited to a wing but you don’t really have a better blue option. Can double colour I guess.
  • Purple is definitely your best tanking colour. Delilah can be great too but will compete with Poseidon and Kingston for emblems.

Dude, you are kicking butt no matter what, lmao!


Totally the right answer @JMJBoomBoom333 :joy:
I imagine the AM’s are the only thing slowing him down now. He has almost every hero I want to summon while I summon all the hero’s Mister Rogers would summon (Bless his soul) because they are less likely to hurt someone. :joy::rofl:

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I have enough mats to level 6 more.

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I think I would go for the following defense:

Zimkita, Magni , Kunchen , Poseidon, Kingston

But as Magni and Poseidon are both fighter, you might want to use Onatel or Joon.

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Max Mother North, Joon and Kingston.

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Poseidon over Joon is a better option, but North is your MUST have.

She’s a game changer -
Arguably the most impactful hero in the game overall.

North needs to be your left side if you’re building the best possible defence.

North Seshat Santa Poseidon Kingston

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^^ This.

I’d personally use Kingston over MN (but would max her first) – but only because I headhunt for her immediately; and can usually get her dispatched before she goes off. I don’t like slow corners.

Posideons block is great – rather use the monk emblems on Santa than Jon, and Neith can be more annoying that a toddler whose only words are “why?” And “mine.”

For defense – one thing is remember is the AI is only slightly better than the worst player you’ve had in your alliance.

You get a damage bonus on the defending side; and strategies vary – but troops, buffs and family bonus can help give you enough balance so your not just the 4600+ wall that can’t hit back.

Ariel - Posidein - Santa - Purple - Kingston to start –

Purple is kind of the Swiss army slot

If you picked up an Ursena she’d slot in nicely – Proteus could too – while doubling your fam bonus but would be a bit situational as a 4* - Kage is annoying … etc

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North with emblems becomes very hard to take down before the other side fires. I have her at +15 and she just crushes in war and I’ve changed my raid defence to a Christmas red green theme and am still hovering around 2600 cups after 3 days even with a pair of unemblemed 4*s in the lineup - and I suspect that’s because of North


That’s good to know – makes me think …it’s really a toss up;

I do better with Alby as a Druid - the cleric aspect hurts me due to Ariel, I use her a lot of places outside of defense and their mana buffs stack. If I picked a different cleric, Kunchen would likely be next

And LoL is so close – have 700ish sorcerer emblems and no clear winner or mats.

Overall – I’ve done better with P Y P Y P or a few of the Atlantis defenders (whose bonus doesn’t show up in TP, but gets layered in after troops… I think … it was late lol)…

But right now I’m in my solo alliance – cycling to new after war chest – in a half assed attempt to max infrastructure, gather Titan bits and more level more troops :slight_smile:

Mum Ranvir Kun/Hel Delia Marja

First thing you should do is acquire some decent 5* heroes. It doesn’t looked like you’ve managed to pull any yet, but I see you have Sharan; she’s a good red tank and keeps your team healed.


Hmm see I personally don’t rate MoNo. Yes she’s a reviver but I personally can’t remember a raid in the last month where a reviver has caused me grief.

No I don’t have one in my roster BUT if I did, I don’t think I’d be levelling them anytime soon… Doesn’t have an appeal for me nor would be enough to displace any of my current 5* greens waiting for tonics.

But that’s just me.

The less people running them the better. For me.

What he would be considered a hitter? I thought one like kageburado, sartana, and marj were for that?

They do, but two you listed are the same as your best (and only) viable tanks.

Kunchen and Hel are really your best tanks. It’s then hard to fit a second purple in. Only situation is if you ran a yellow tank (like Delilah but is not optimal) with dual purple flanks. In that case I’d say kage and Hel would be your best flanks.

I find Ariel fine without emblems. But when North can take a Lianna and Seshat strike and still be kicking where Alby would be RIP… the edge goes to North with that defence and life (not even considering the Defence Troop boost to around 1100 D)

Another option would be:
Zimkita , Ariel, Onatel, Kage, Kingston

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