Create my best defensive Team!

Hey Guys,

Need help creating my best defensive team, deciding who to ascend first and who to emblem to make strongest defensive team. Thanks guys, all feedback is appreciated


Here is one tanking with Guinevere, using your currently maxed heroes and using the Avalon family bonus:

Kingston | Seshat | Guinevere | K. Arthur | Marjana

Another option if you want the Atlantis defense family bonus (though you need to level up the others first):

Kingston | Ariel | Ursena | Poseidon | Marjana

Either one of the above with maxed and emblemed heroes will hold you in diamond comfortably.

One I hate fighting is Ursena at tank with Kingston, Poseidon in wings. The often have GM and Misandra/Alasie but in your case you could use Ariel or Frida and Mitsuko. That would give you a 3x bonus from the Atlantis heroes. is you used Ursena/Mits/Poseidon.

Or get the bonus and use Guin with KA then use Poseidon, Kingston, Seshat.

Plenty of great choices. I don’t think you need that second screen though. Most of them are in your first 2 windows and the rest like Thorne and Quintus aren’t likely candidates…LOL.

@Obsidian Got it thanks, would you emblem Poseidon or Kingston for the Atlantis bonus team? Also, plan on using mana troops on all heroes unless critical may be better for someone?

I think it depends on the level of the troops you have. Since Kingston and Poseidon are fast already you would need a high level troop to take off 1 tile. I guess it would depend on play style honestly. The mana troops are slightly better with the attack/def stats but combining that with emblems in either the mana or crit troops can change that too. But again they are already fast.

I would have to defer that to someone who has them both for which to use emblems on. Also they might know which path to choose and if you should use the mana or crit troop. HOpefully someone can chime in one that. Maybe try taggin gthe others who replied to see if they can help. I am sure Dave Cozy would be glad to assist too.

That mana bonnus of 2% or 4% didn’t seem to matter to me until I learned how it helps average mana. melendor is average and I have him at +20. Giving him the +4% mana boost make a real difference since I can combine him with a L11 mana troop to get an 11% mana boost. This means he now goes from 10 tiles down to 9. Since I often run him with Peters and Lianna he is usually charged when they are to heal and more importantly to debuff before they attack (I know 9 is more than 8 for the fast heroes but usually it is 3 x 3 in tiles so many times they charge together).