Help me arrange my Atlantis heroes team

  1. Can I get some advice about my tank as well as hero alignment left to right for defense and offense in raids/wars?

  2. For red should I use Boldtusk (second healer) or
    Gravemaker (can fully ascend soon-ish)?

  3. I only have one tome and have the materials to ascend ursena or gravemaker, but am 1 telescope and 1 cape away from ascending Ariel. Who should I ascend first? Should I wait for Ariel’s ascension items instead to have a strong healer?

Thank you!

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Dang you have some 1st world problems there! Well with the family defense bonus of 15 percent you are going to have a beastly lineup when they all are fully ascended. You have the one setup where atomos won’t suck. Personally I’d want Ursena for the tank spot eventually as I’ve found her to be the toughest of that bunch but I’d probably do gravemaker first as you want his Dot at Max where Ariel will still give you the same heal at 3 70 just will be squishier. So until more ascension’s I’d do Poseidon Ursena grave ariel atomos…then at some point grave ariel Ursena Poseidon atomos…unless you get a better green I’d sacrifice the 5 percent defense and ditch atomos to get a fast green on the wing like Liana. Slow heroes in the corner generally don’t do much. Or if you were set on keeping atomos he might be better at tank something like grave ariel atomos ursena poseidon…and when they eventually buff him like Aegir youll have a real op defense!

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Thank you, that’s really helpful! I’ll try out your first suggestion in this upcoming war!

My other greens are Elkanen and Margaret, so I’ll stick with atomos for now.

I find gravemaker the biggest pain in the rear as flank. As tank I just stack some blues and he’s toast. Flank on a blue tank is trouble.

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Yeah Ariel as tank can be a pain too with a gravy flank…she’s likely to go off once and once that Mana boost gets cooking it can be very punishing. So many good possibilities with these characters. You could shuffle them up a lot of ways and still do great. One thing if you have the red Mana troop and can get it to lvl 11, gravemaker will charge in 6 tiles…two 3 matches or one ghosted three match. I just got him last month too and happened to have just got my Mana troop to lvl 11. Makes him even more fun on offense! And then throw Ariel’s big Mana boost on top and it’s game over I’m sure…so wanted to get her! Also I have a fully ascended elkanen and I’d do him before giving atomos any mats. He’s fast and has good defense and self heal and with the version 20 buff actually can do some damage, so would do well on the wing. Great for field aid wars.

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So I ascended GM… not sure about Ariel as tank since her health and defense are low but I’ll trt it out for a little. My cups sure went up, won all my raids since ascending GM!


Try Atomos in the tank spot too, he’s an effective meatshield. He’ll draw a red stack which will work well if you flank him with Ariel and GM. She’ll speed up GM and he’ll be roasting attackers all over the place. Posie and Ursena make good wings that can win a war against depleted attackers.

Ursena, Ariel, Atomos, GM, Posiedon.

Ariel Posi Ursl Gravey Atom

Atomos should be replaced by Zeline, Mother North, Hatter, Evelyn or another better green. In case of Mother North, she and Ariel should also be swapped.

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Yeah until you get others fully ascended keep gravemaker as tank, but when all are equally ascended, my preference order for tank would be ursena, grave, or Ariel…

I’ve been using this team arrangement as suggested and it has been amazing! The war attacking teams are getting 0,2 or 3 points from me.

Thank you for your help everyone!

I’ll be working on ascending all heroes and as soon as I get a better green I’ll be replacing atomos. Otherwise I’m happy :slight_smile:


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