I need experienced advice on who to ascend/team building

Hello everyone…
I’ve been playing for about a year and I’m pretty much done spending anymore money, so I’m trying to make the best out of what I’ve got. I can ascend 1 yellow, 1 red to 4-80 and 1 4-80 purple soon. Can ya’ll give me your opinion on who you think I should ascend and what you think would be the best team from these players…
Thank you!!!


I moved your post to Gameplay Help & Tactics where you’ll get more replies :slight_smile:

Did you get rid of all your 3* heroes? You miss out on participating in the event quest rare tier and the 3* raid tournaments, which will be additional sources of loot and become important if you’re planning to not spend any more money :stuck_out_tongue: I’d recommend getting at least five of them (one of each color) when you have some good ones. If you’re worried about slowing down your progress for your 4* and 5* then just feed the 3* heroes with 1*s of the same color, and save the rest of your resources for your 4*s and 5*s.

In regards to 4* and 5*, it’s a lot faster to max out a 4* hero than a 5* hero. You probably already noticed that, since you only have 4 maxed heroes after a year of playing. Although those are great heroes, you miss out on diversity, which can help a lot for color-stacking the strong element against tough bosses, heroes and titans.

I would focus on having at least two 4*s of each color maxed first before moving on to more 5*s for that reason. Focus on one of each color first imo, here are the ones I’d do first:

  • Sabina
  • Chao
  • Kiril
  • Caedmon
  • Wilbur

Thanks for the advice and for moving my post. My 3* players are not pictured here, I do have them though.
Any advice of who to give my darts and rings to? I like your 4* team idea! Who would be your 5* team?


IMO, you should max Boldtusk, Wilbur, then Anzogh, they have a good synergy.
Rigard, Kiril, Melendor should level ASAP. (best healer)
Sonya is also best, just like Caedmon, you know how great is he.

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With the team I’m building who should I acend…Musashi vs Lio…Marjana vs Red hood?

Musashi over Leonidas:

  • Higher attack
  • Self heals with tiles instead of once with special hit
  • Fast over average speed

Marjana over Red Hood imo:

  • High damage special to single target is usually better for damage
  • Burn damage bypasses defense stats
  • Fast speed over average

Although I think Anzogh gives them competition too.

Eventually I think you should do all 5 of them though, I just think Musashi and Marjana/Anzogh would be more immediately useful. This game is slow with progress, so you gotta prioritize in terms of who’s gonna be more useful sooner lol

I would also ascend Richard > Thorne, Kagedubaro > Quintus.

But again, I recommend working on more 4* heroes before more 5*s. Once Chao is done you have him and Wu Kong, then you can start leveling Musashi to max and go from there. If you insist on leveling 5* now then I would recommend saving trainer heroes and the unleveled 3* of the same color just for them, with all other 1* and 2* heroes going to the 4*s. Two of each rarity is a good number to aim for because it lets you color stack, regardless of restrictions or special rules in events and raid tournaments.


Does anyone want to recommend a 5* team?

Blue - definetly Frida. Elemental debuffer, works great with Magni.

Yellow - I was about to say Viv, but you already have Kunchen. I would consider maxing Musashi.

Purple - max Kage. One of the best snipers.

Red - tough choice. 3 very different heroes… Maybe Anzogh. He works well with your red 4*.

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For what? Raid/war defense? Titans? Offense?

I take a different team vs each color titan.

I take a different team raiding for each opponent I raid. I color stack vs their tank.

Defense is the only team that doesn’t change constantly.

Thank you for your input!
I was thinking of what the best defensive 5* team would be. I am currently having a difficult time deciding who to max…lio or musashi?

If neither are very good choices I would consider paying $30 for a ten pull of yellows

Dave I get a lot of yellow and purple Titans. Who would you use for each?

For *5 heroes:
Purple: Kageburado
Red: Marjana or Anzogh or RedHood
Anzogh seems not popular, but you can see the forum discussion here:

Yellow: wait.

Just like @DaveCozy said. *4 first, so while building *4 bench and waiting more material, you can still have choice later.

I don’t think so, classic *5 yellow only Joon is best IMO. And you can get it from TC20.

For dark titans, Wu Kong and Wilbur, then as many yellow heroes as possible. In this case Chao, Leonidas and Musashi to fill the other spots.

For holy titans, Wu Kong and Kunchen. Then as many other dark heroes as you can. Domitia, Kageburado, and Sabina will do, for their high attack stats. You could use Wilbur over Wu Kong for consistency instead, but just make sure you don’t overwrite his higher -44% defense ailment with Kunchen’s -34% one.

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