Looking for guidance on ascend and who’s next

I can’t ascend my two level 5 hero’s yet. But am able to do a couple of 4’s with my resources. Need help deciding who and maybe some suggestions on some teams to put together for war and raids. Then who to start working on next.


Purple: Merlin and Sabina, then Tiburtus
Yellow: not a priority, feed yellow heroes to other colours
Green: Gadeirus/Melendor
Red: finish Wilbur, then Boldtusk, then Scarlett
Blue: finish Triton, then level up Gato

Defence team: Caedmon-Gormek-Kiril-Proteus-Chao.

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In my honest opinion, finish the 4* you have already started ie Triton and Wilbur. After that focus on the following 4* heroes:
Melendor / Caedmon
Li Xiu
Good luck

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